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Minutes and Agendas

Below are the archived agendas and minutes of Allan Hancock College's Academic Senate.  Dates that are not hyperlinked are meetings that have either not occurred or their respective file is missing.

Agendas are posted as the Senate President sends them out, and Minutes are updated the day following the Senate meeting at which they are approved by the body.


2023-8-22 Agenda 2023-8-22 Minutes
2023-9-12 Agenda 2023-9-12 Minutes
2023-9-26 Agenda 2023-9-26 Minutes
2023-10-10 Agenda 2023-10-10 Minutes
2023-10-24 Agenda 2023-10-24 Minutes
2023-11-14 Agenda 2023-11-14 Minutes
2023-11-28 Agenda 2023-11-28 Minutes
2024-1-13 Agenda 2024-1-13 Minutes
2024-2-27 Agenda 2024-2-27 Minutes