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Academic Policy & Planning Committee (AP&P)

Academic Policy & Planning (AP&P) Committee 

The Academic Policy and Planning Committee (AP&P) provides recommendations through the Academic Senate to the District Board of Trustees regarding courses and instructional programs. AP&P is the vehicle through which curriculum development takes place and is one of four standing committees established in accordance with the Report of the Committee on Committees of 1968 as approved by the Academic Senate.

The committee's functions are in accordance with the above mentioned report. Briefly, its area of concern is: curricula, proposed changes and revisions, academic standards, future curriculum planning, the coordination and organization of instructional planning and practices as they relate to the teaching faculty. The AP&P Committee at Allan Hancock College assists in the development of educational programs and courses in accordance with the philosophy, policies, and objectives of the college.

The AP&P committee reviews and recommends adoption for the following:

  • New courses and programs
  • Course and program modifications
  • Distance education modalities
  • General education courses
  • Graduation requirements
  • Course requisites
  • Discontinue a course or program

CurriQunet META

Curriculum proposals are created and launched from Allan Hancock College's curriculum management Website, CurriQunet Meta. Courses and programs approved by the Board of Trustees are implemented according to the AP&P Catalog Development Calendar.


2022-23 AP&P Committee Members

Committee Chairperson  Larry Manalo ext. 3560
 Committee Co-Chair  Dave Degroot  ext. 3713
Applied Behavioral Sciences Christine Bisson ext. 3243
Associated Student Body Government Pedro Navarrete  
Business Brent Darwin ext. 3473
Counseling Lainey Campos ext. 3449
English Chad Kelly ext. 3571
Fine Arts Shane Anderson ext. 3727
 Health Sciences Mary Pat Nelson ext. 3906
Kinesiology, Recreation, and Athletics Paul LeSage  
Industrial Technology Loren Bradbury ext. 3615
Languages & Communication Andria Keiser ext. 3701
Life & Physical Sciences Brian Youngblood ext. 3493
Mathematical Sciences Derek Mitchem ext. 3563
Academic/Student Services Kerry Runkle ext. 3504
Public Safety Susan Roehl ext. 5733
Social & Behavioral Sciences Tom Vandermolen ext. 3871
Curriculum Specialist (non-voting) Deborah Pirman ext. 3246
Articulation (non-voting) David DeGroot ext. 3713
 VP, Academic Affairs (non-voting) Robert Curry ext. 3247
Admissions & Records  (non-voting) Eunice Barcenas /  Josie Cabanas ext. 3329 /             ext. 3266
Noncredit  Vacant