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Foster Youth Services

Foster Youth Services

Allan Hancock College is committed to supporting students who have previously experienced the foster care system at any point under the age of 18.

Supportive services may include assistance with accessing financial aid, scholarships, student services, and connecting to on- and off-campus resources to promote achieving educational success, health, and well-being while attending community college. Additionally, we will assist with setting goals to complete programs, transfer, and attain certificates and degrees.


NextUp provides “over and above” support services for current and former foster youth attending Allan Hancock College. 

NextUp, formerly CAFYES, is a program within EOPS that supports eligible students who experienced the foster care system in achieving higher education success, health, and well-being while pursuing their education and career goals.  Supportive services include assistance with transportation, food vouchers, book vouchers, educational grants, and school supplies (see below for a full list). NextUp (CAFYES) students have access to a computer lab, space to study, tutoring assistance, and a center to meet with their fellow peers and program staff.  A place where YOUR success is our priority.  

Who qualifies for NextUp?

To qualify, a student must:

  • Be a California resident
  • Qualify for the California College Promise Grant Fee Waiver (CCPG-FW A/B or C with 0 EFC)
  • Be enrolled full time (9 units or more)
  • Be educationally disadvantaged as determined by the EOPS criteria
  • Have experienced the foster care system after the age of 16
  • Must be currently under the age of 26 for the academic year

CCPG-FW A/B Income Maximum for 2020-2021

What are the benefits of NextUp?

  • Academic counseling
  • Textbook vouchers (full cost)
  • Educational Grants
  • Transportation Support (Gas/Bus Pass)
  • Food Vouchers (on campus & grocery)
  • Career and transfer planning
  • Computer lab with free printing
  • Day one priority registration
  • Financial aid assistance and guidance
  • Laptop/calculator loaner program
  • Peer mentor support
  • Recognition banquet
  • School planner
  • School supplies
  • Specialized workshops
  • Targeted outreach and recruitment
  • Tutoring
  • University application fee waivers
  • University and cultural field trips

Mutual Responsibility Contract (MRC) outlines NextUp students' responsibilities.

What is NextUp?