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Title V

Title V Grant Overview

The Title V-HSI grant is competitively awarded by the Office of Post-Secondary Education via the Department of Education to eligible Hispanic-Serving Institutions. This grant provides supplemental funding and support to HSIs in fostering student support services and professional development opportunities. 

Allan Hancock College was one of the few California community colleges to be awarded the Title V-HSI Grant in 2020 for $2.4 million under the title "Fostering Completion, Individualized Paths, & Skill Development in Underrepresented Students". Under Yvonne Teniente, Dean of Student Services, and Mary Patrick, Dean of Academic Affairs, this large-scale project is meant to support diverse, under-served and marginalized student populations with various support services and initiatives that include:

  1. community outreach that help local K-12 students on the journey to college,
  2. additional embedded counseling and tutoring support within classrooms,
  3. additional scholarship funds,
  4. a comprehensive financial literacy program, as well as
  5. a network of multi-culturally competent faculty and staff that is reflective of its student population

In the Fall of 2014, the U.S. Department of Education: Developing Hispanic‐Serving Institutions Program awarded Allan Hancock College a $2.4 million, five‐year grant. The grant, Advance, Innovate, Maintain (AIM) was developed to assist the neediest students at AHC feel connected, directed, nurtured, focused, valued, and engaged. The overarching themes of AIM include Advancement, both in terms of student progress and success, and in resource development to support them; Innovation, in pedagogy and technology as well as re-envisioning development‐focused organizational structures; and Maintaining successful strategies in approaches to student persistence and success.

  • Dr. Kevin G. Walthers – Certifying Official: Ext. 3223
  • Yvonne Teniente – Title V Project Co-Director: Ext. 3771
  • Dr. Mary Patrick – Title V Project Co-Director: Ext. 3475
  • Maria Grando – Title V Grant Coordinator: Ext. 3635
  • Victoria Rivas – Title V Office Service Technician: Ext. 3383
  • Elaine Healy – Embedded Tutor Project Coordinator: Ext. 3767
  • Benjamin Britten – Embedded Counseling Faculty Coordinator: Ext. 3942
  • Julia Raybould-Rodgers – English Embedded Student Tutor Coordinator: Ext. 3780
  • Liz West – Mathematical Sciences Faculty Embedded Student Tutor Coordinator: Ext. 3279
  • Luke Blacquiere – Science Faculty Embedded Student Tutor Coordinator: Ext. 3761

Grant activities consist of various campus and community collaborations that are meant to support all students:

  • Embedded Counseling in classrooms
  • Embedded Tutoring in classrooms
  • Financial Literacy training and workshops for students
  • A faculty-to-faculty professional development based on multicultural competency, equity, and inclusion

The Title-HSI grant goals and objectives would not be able to come to fruition without the help of dedicated campus and community partnerships:

Internships and scholarships will be posted here. Check back soon for more updates.