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Basic Skills & ESL

Activity ONE focuses on basic skills and credit/noncredit ESL students. The goal is to increase the persistence and completion of high-need students through multiple approaches, including pedagogical and technology-assisted innovations, as well as centralized information and support services. Currently, several acceleration projects are underway and the a resource center - connecting students to academic resources has been developed.

Acceleration Projects

Several instructors from the English and Math department have taken on acceleration projects. The goal is to find strategies that will increase the advancement rate of students under-prepared for college-level work.

AIM Center

The AIM Center, a bilingual virtual resource center, is now available to students 24/7 from any computer. Visit the AIM Center to access academic support resources, such as video tutorials, web-based tutoring and language development tools. Through the AIM Center, students can also tap into other AHC support services, such as the Writing Center, Math Center, Counseling, and much more.


To learn more about this activity, go to the Activity One page.

Aligning Resource Development Strategies

Activity TWO of the grant focuses on aligning the college’s resource development functions to cultivate and strengthen multiple revenue streams, partnerships, and other resources. A “total resource development” strategy will strengthen internal partnerships, maximize revenues and control costs. A goal is to create the framework for allocating resources to support the college’s strategic priorities and core missions. A total resource development strategy will not only develop resources to reduce barriers to students’ success, it will also increase our resource development capacity for the long run.

The AIM Fund

The AIM Fund has been established at the AHC Foundation to support the needs of Basic Skills and ESL students who are ineligible for financial aid, scholarships, and other forms of financial assistance. A committee will review applications in November and May each year.  The maximum award amount is $1,000 per student each semester with a total award maximum of $2,000 per student for all semesters at AHC.
For more information contact:
Natalie Rucobo, Advancement Specialist


To learn more about this activity, go to the Activity Two page.


In the fall of 2014, the U.S. Department of Education: Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions Program awarded Allan Hancock College a $2.4 million, five-year grant. The grant, Advance, Innovate, Maintain (AIM) was developed to assist the neediest students at AHC feel connected, directed, nurtured, focused, valued, and engaged. The overarching themes of AIM include Advancement, both in terms of student progress and success, and in resource development to support them; Innovation, in pedagogy and technology as well as re-visioning development-focused organizational structures; and Maintaining successful strategies in approaches to student persistence and success.

 Two main activities

  • Activity ONE is coordinated by Maria Solis, our Basic Skills Coordinator.  This activity focuses on basic skills and credit/noncredit ESL.
  • Activity TWO is coordinated by Susan Houghton, our Executive Director of College Advancement. The focus of this activity is on implementing structural changes to coordinate and integrate the college's multiple resource development components.

To learn more about each activity, visit the Activity One and Activity Two page. The Title V Grant Summary and the Title V Newsletter are another source of information. They can be viewed through the links provided below:

 AIM Grant Team

The team is composed of AIM Grant staff and AHC faculty who collaborate with various AHC departments. Together, we AIM to support student success! Refer to our contact page for activity related contact information.  For general questions regarding the grant, contact:  

Nohemy Ornelas
Project Director, Title V AIM Grant


The AIM Grant is funded by the Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions Program from the U.S. Department of Education. 


Success Story: Jesus Sanchez

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