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Online and Distance

Welcome to Online Learning!

Online courses at Allan Hancock College offer students the opportunity to enroll in courses and earn college credit. Students can enroll in an online course that otherwise wouldn't fit their schedule.

Online courses are delivered online using Canvas the official Learning Management System (LMS) at AHC, which allows instructors to provide an equivalent learning experience as in traditional face-to-face courses.  This systems allows instructors to provide instructional content, discussions, tests, quizzes and assignments. It also provides instructors the technology to address multiple learning styles for students. Online courses use a variety of media such as video, audio, multimedia software interactive presentations, and much more.

Canvas login and resources

For more information about online courses at Allan Hancock College, click on the Student Resources link in the menu on the left. There you can learn more about online learning and find out if online courses are right for you.

Distance Education Resources