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AHC Student

List of Clubs

Alpha Gamma Sigma (AGS) Aquarius Chapter 
American Institute of Architecture Students 
Anime and Manga Club
Astra Club
Beyond Incarceration Greater Education (B.I.G.E.)
Black Student Union
Bulldog Rec-ing Club 
Bulldog Software Development
CAN Club (College Achievement Now)
Circle K International
Colectivo Educativo Estudiantil de Naciones Indegenas
Creative Ceramics Club
Creative Writing Club 
Cru at Hancock
Drama Club
Dream Club 
Fashion and Design Club 
Fashion and Design Club 
Fellowship of Christian Athletes 
Gender Sexuality Acceptance 
Future Teachers Club
Gender, Sexuality Acceptance (GSA) Club 
The Hemp and Cannabis Club (THC)
Jazz and Pep Club
Media Arts Club
Music Club
Nursing Club
Nutrition and Wellness Club
Parent Advisory Club 
Registered Nursing Club
Rodeo Team
Science and Engineering Club
SPAT (Students Pursuing Athletic Training)
Veg Club
Viticulture and Enology Club
Young Farmers and Ranchers Club







Alpha Gamma Sigma (A.G.S.) Aquarius Chapter: is an honorary statewide community college organization whose goal is to foster, maintain, promote, and recognize scholastic achievement and service by students at the local college level.  Membership is available for those who qualify scholastically by application. Apply online.  Email us at or visit us on Facebook at

Advisor, Santa Maria: Dr, Linda.Connolly - 
Advisor, Santa Maria: Michael Serpa -
Advisor, Santa Maria: Kathryn Voltmer 
Advisor, Lompoc: Joann Bellrose - 
Advisor, Lompoc: Dr. James Houlis - 
Lompoc President: Rebecca Martinez - 
Santa Maria President: Julianne Wong -    

American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS): to promote excellence in architectural education, training, and practice; to foster and appreciation of architecture and related disciplines; to enrich communities in a spirit of collaboration; and to organize students and combine their efforts to advance the art and science of architecture. Email us at or visit us on Facebook

Advisor: Saad Sadig - 
Co-Advisor: Jonas Sturas -
Co-Advisor Robert Adames -
President: Ally Praay - 

Anime and Manga Club:  to promote the knowledge and appreciation of Japanese animation (anime) and of Japanese cartoon publication (manga) through discussion of anime and manga related topics.

Advisor: Dyanna Cridelich -
President: Danielle Denton -   

 Astra Club: to serve the community through various service projects.

Advisor: Amiko Matsuo -
President: Rosie Diaz - 

Beyond Incarceration Greater Education (B.I.G.E.): to bring awareness to the students of AHC that formerly incarcerated students have voice here on campus.

     Advisor: Lynn Becerra-Valencia -
     President: Arturo Raygoza - 

Black Student Union: to bring everyone together and provide a safe place where they can share their experience as people of color, to gain support and to create new friendships. 

Advisor Dr. Earl Murray - 
President: Ana Rosas - 

Bulldog Rec-ing:  to collect funds in order to raise money for a scholarship that would be awarded to a Recreation Management major transferring to a university.

Advisor: Paul Lesage -
President: Sohyoung Shin - 

 Bulldog Software Development: Strives to create a lasting impression of achievement and technological ingenuity upon Allan Hancock College and the community of the central coast by creating apps and other programs specialized for students and community members. These programs apps will be created at no profit and will be completed entirely by students

Advisor: Michael Wagner -
Co-Advisor: Robert Jorstad  -
resident: Nicholas Gottwald - 

 CAN (College Achievement Now) Club: to provide an environment for diverse individuals where learning, academic progress, motivation, and academic skills are a main focus.

      Advisor: Liliana Perez -
      President: Angela Santana -  

Circle K International: to develop college students into responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to service, provide opportunities for fellowship, personal growth, professional development, and leadership skills. 

       Advisor: Stephanie Robb - 
       President: Jacqlyn Rayas -  

Colectivo Educativo Estudiantil de Naciones Indigenas (CE'ENI): to empower the student community through education workshop and preserve the culture and tradition as Indigenous Oaxacan Community. 

      Advisor: Claudia Diaz - 
      Co-Advisor: Gemma Garcia - 
      President Sofia Altamirano - 

 Creative Ceramic Club: to support the education and exploration of the art, diversity,of artistic practices, artisanship, and technical craft of ceramics beyond the scope of the classroom environment.

      Advisor: Amiko Matsuo - 
      Co-Advisor: Mike McNutt - mmcnutt@hancockcollege,edu 
      President: Janette Sanchez -  

 Cru at Hancock: to give an opportunity for everyone to know the person Jesus Christ. Seeking to be a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ by offering spiritual discussions, uplifting social gatherings, and personal development opportunities.

Advisor: Ron Lovell -
President: Leonardo Cornejo - 

Drama Club: to develop a learning community at AHC for student actors interested in improving their acting skills.

Advisor: Michael Dempsey - 
President: Heather Breon 

Dream Club: mission is to promote the available resources at Allan Hancock College and also provide financial help to those who do not receive any from the college because of their migrant status.

Advisor: Mayte Solis - 
Co-Advisor: Gemma Garcia - 
President: Vanessa Magana -  

Fashion and Design Club: to support students who share a love for Fashion and Design and in pursuing a career in the industry and to promote and publicize the Fashion and Design major on campus. 

      Advisor: Megan Selby - 
      President: Vincent Ward - 

 Fellowship of Christian Athletes: to see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.

Advisor; Seth Damron -
President: Menise "Maa" Pase - 

 Future Teacher Club: to support students who want and have the educational goal of becoming a teacher.

Advisor: Alice Caddell -
Co-Advisor: Thesa Roepke - 
Co-President: Shelby Martin - 
Co-President: Jose Farias - 

Gender Sexuality Acceptance: to enlighten the Central Coast and the Allan Hancock College campus of the increasing gay community. to educate the Central Coast population that equality and people's sexuality preference is a part of our human rights, this includes bringing positivity, specifically to the Allan Hancock College campus,  and to save the world. 

       Advisor: Kate Adams - 
       Co-Advisor: Henry Schroff - 

The Hemp and Cannabis Club (THC): to provide an organization for students interested in the hemp and cannibis and industry as well as research and development of herbal medicine. The main goals of the club  are to bring awareness of the fast growing hemp and cannabis industry to Hancock, throughout the central coast and abroad. To prepare students for industry positions by giving them an opportunity to participate in in-field training and hands on work with local community partners for the promotion of the Hancock Hemp and Cannibis Program. And to provide a friendly and welcomed envirnment with networking and advocacy for hemp and cannibis. 

        Advisor: Anjali Misra -
        President: Kevin Hernandez -     

 Jazz and Pep Club: to exercise music where students can build a musical portfolio by establishing a musical pep band presence at AHC athletic events and other school activities as well as performing different styles of music such as jazz. .

Advisor: Nichole Dechaine - 
President: Fernando Gonzalez - 

Media Arts Club: For any student who wants to express themselves through creative technology. This club is dedicated to providing opportunities with the realm of media arts: Learning, resources, and inspiration to make art that uses innovative technology. Collaborative experiences that drives it members to create with digital tools. Fun social activities to provide it's members with a sense of community. 

       Advisor: Nancy Jo Ward - 

Music Club: to create a venue for gathering and expression of students who have a passion for music and the performing arts to provide live music on campus and in the community. 

        Advisor: Christopher Diaz -  
        President: Vincent Bucayu - 

 Nursing Club: to support LVN program students in reaching their education and career goals.

Advisor: Bonny Friedrich -
President: Katherine Pignatelli - 

 Nutrition and Wellness Club: to promote nutrition awareness and educate members on various nutrition topics.

Advisor: Christine Bisson - 
Co-Advisor: Ron Lovell - 
President: Kristy Soriano  

Parent Advisory Club (P.A.C): is a group of student parents/guardians who strive to leave a meaningful impression at the Orfalea Children's Center at Allan Hancock College. The mission is build community and parent involvement through communication, information, advertisement and fundraising. 


Registered Nursing Club: is established to promote and support students pursuing an Associate’s Degree in Nursing through the RN program, and provide positive reinforcement among their peers and students while being an advocate for nursing education..

Advisor: Megan McComas - 
President: Chrissy Curry - 

 Rodeo Team: to attract, guide, and support collegiate rodeo tam contestants through coaching instruction and student collaboration. Additionally the club is to increase interest in and awareness of college rodeo opportunities.

Advisor: Erin Krier - 
President: Allison Wahlig 

Science and Engineering Club: to connect with industry professionals to expand student education and promote camaraderie and communication within the Science and Engineering departments by organizing lectures, peer advising, fundraisers, ASBG event participation, and field trips. Visit our website at

Advisor: Luke Blacquiere - 
Co-Advisor: Brian Youngblood - 
President: Briseida Colores - 

SPAT (Students Pursuing Athletic Training): the club is for those who are pursuing athletic training or health related professions as a graduation/career goal. The purpose is to enhance academic skills for those who aspire to accomplish future academic, professional, and career goals in the field of Kinesiology and/or other Health related fields
       Advisor: Cheo Munoz  -
       President: Profirio Garcia 

 Veg Club: to introduce students and faculty on the AHC campus to a vegan diet and lifestyle thorough, friendly, and compassionate activism, in order to reduce the suffering of animals and degradation of the environment, as well as empower health conscious individuals. 

Faculty Advisor: Michael McMahon - 
President: Gary Panther -    

 Viticulture and Enology Club: to foster student integration, cooperation, and team building skills associated with viticulture and enology..

Faculty Advisor: Alfredo Koch -
President:  Nic Tasca -    

Young Farmers and Ranchers Club: to attract, support, and empower future Farm Bureau leaders through industry collaborations and to increase increase interest in and awareness of agricultural opportunities and to support and promote the Allan Hancock College agriculture program along with its student garden and fruit orchard.

Staff Advisor: Erin Krier - 
President: Clayton Meriill -