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List of Clubs

A Blue Campaign (ABC):  is a dedicated and compassionate organization focused on combating human trafficking and offering vital support to its victims. With a deep commitment to raiisng awareness about this global issue, ABC engages in various educational and outreach activities to inform the public about thr realities and dangers of human trafficking. Beyond awareness, the club serves as a sanctuary for survivors, providing them with a safe haven where they can receive care, support, and resources to rebuild their lives. ABC's mission is to create a world where freedom and safety are broken through collective action, compassion, and empowerment. 

          Advisor: Maria Martino - 
          President: Nicholas Sanchez

Active Minds at Allan Hancock College: is an official student-led chapter of Actve Minds. Our goal is to lead conversation, cultural change, and advocacy to serve the needs of our communities, and create a campus culture supportive of mental health through policy change, promotion of services, awareness and community building events. We are proud to be part of a network of over 500+ campus chapters nationwide. 

           Advisor: Alex de Jouge, MSN, RN, PHN - 
           President: Samantha Martinez

Alpha Gamma Sigma (A.G.S.) Aquarius Chapter: is an honorary statewide community college organization whose goal is to foster, maintain, promote, and recognize scholastic achievement and service by students at the local college level.  Membership is available for those who qualify scholastically by application. This club is affiliated with the state-wide Alpha Gamma Sigma, Incorporated. Apply online.  Email us at or visit us on Facebook at

            Advisor,  Kathryn Voltmer -
            Advisor: Michael Serpa -
            President: Gabriela Ruiz

American Institute of Architect Students (AIAS): to promote excellence in architectural education, training, and practice by fostering an appreciation of architecture and related disciplines to enrich communities in spirit of collaboration and to organize students and combine efforts to advance the art and science of architecture.  This club is affliated with the American Institute of Architect Students National Organization. ;

            Advisor:  Daniel Pena-Sosa - 
            President: Jet Wu

American Sign Language Club: to provide a means for students to connect through the medium of American Sign Language. To help those with a passion to learn it and to raise awareness in the Allan Hancock College Community of the the language ASL, deaf etiquette, and the needs of the deaf community. 

            Advisor: Maria Rivera -
            Co-Advisor: Jennie Morales - 
            President: Kitana Fleming

Anime and Manga Club:  to promote the knowledge and appreciation of Japanese animation (anime) and of Japanese cartoon publication Manga) through discussion of anime and Manga related topics. The club meets Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Mechanics Bank Student Center in room G-106 A. 

Advisor: Sofia Ramirez Gelpi -
President: MIchael Acosta

Asian Pacific Education Xenomania (A.P.E.X.): to learn more about a variety of Asian cultures, traditions, and different cuisines.  We are hoping to expand out knowledge and understanding of all Asians's and Pacific Islander's past, present, futures as well as a create a deeper atmosphere for the Asian community.  

     Advisor: Melanie Guido Brunet - 
     President: Jesonfel Laya 

Astra Club: to make a positive difference in the world by providing leadership for the care and enrichment of those in need by participating in and organizing various service projects for a better community..  This club is affiliated with Altrusa International. 

      Advisor: Clint Freeland - 
      President: Calista Freeland 

Beyond Incarceration Greater Education (B.I.G.E.): to bring awareness to the students of AHC that formerly incarcerated students have a voice here on campus.

     Advisor: Lexy C'onrad - 
     Co- Advisor: Lynn Becerra - 
     President: Andrew Del Rio 

Black Student Union: to bring everyone together and provide a safe place where they can share their experience as people of color, to gain support and to create new friendships. 

Advisor Dr. Earl Murray - 
Co- Advisor: Xavier Ortiz - 

The Book Club: to bring together people who enjoy reading to discuss and connect by reading a book a chosen book and then meeting talk about what they read, The club will meet monthly for the discussion and to choose the next book to read. 

       Advisor: Roger Hall - 
       President: Angela Ruiz  

Bulldog Rec-ing:  to collect funds in order to raise money for a scholarship that would be awarded to a Recreation Management major transferring to a university

      Advisor: Chuck Provencio - 
      President: Jesse Aldaco 

Campus Conservative Club: to educate and inform students about conservativeism through the  advancement of principles, and precents of the coserviative movement on issues that affect our daily lives and liberty.  

      Advisor: Fred Patrcik - 
     President:  Ora Shrecengost 

Car Club: fo foster student interaction, coopertation, and team building amongs car enthusiast, those who admire cars, and those majoring in  auto technology and autobody.  

Advisor: Patrick McGuire - 
President: Kaden Bedard 

Chess Club: to generate interested in the game of chess on campus and provide an environment for students to play, regardless of skill level. 

     Advisor: DomInic Dal Bello - 
     Co-Advisor: Bryce Miyahara - 
     Co-Advisor: Jeffrey Velasquez - 
     President: Dylan Martin 

Circle K International: to develop college students into responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to service, provide opportunities for fellowship, personal growth, professional development, and leadership skills. This club is affliated with Kiwanis International. The club meets every Mondays in Mechanics Bank Student Center in room G-103 from 12;20 to 12:50 p.m. Everyone is welcome. No requirements to join. 

       Advisor: Donna Beal - 
       President: Josue Montano  

Computer Science Club:  to engage students who are interested in the computer science field to sharpen and continually practice their skills.  

       Advisor - Vincent Tobin -
       President - Naomi Lounsbury  

 Cru at Hancock: to give an opportunity for everyone to know the person Jesus Christ. Seeking to be a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ by offering spiritual discussions, uplifting social gatherings, and personal development opportunities.

Advisor: Ron Lovell -
President: Juilo Pacheco Velez  

Drama Club: to develop a learning community at AHC for student actors interested in improving their acting skills.

Advisor: Colum Morgan - 
President: Heather Breon  

Dream Club: mission is to promote the available resources at Allan Hancock College and also provide financial help to those who do not receive any from the college because of their migrant status.

 Advisor: Mayra Morales - aaaaaaaaaaa
 Co-Advisor: Gemma Garcia - 
 President: Rubi Basurto -         

Fashion and Design Club: to support students who share a love for Fashion and Design and in pursuing a career in the industry and to promote and publicize the Fashion and Design major on campus. 

      Advisor: Megan Selby - 
      President: Natalia Zepeda  

Film Club: to encourage creativity and opportunity to enhance the educational experience for those seeking to get into the film industry. 

       Advisor: Chris Hite - 
       Co-Advisor: Tim Webb - 
       President: Mckenna Kasselman      

Future Teachers Club: to promote interest in and knowledge about the teaching professions by providing opportunities for future educators to develop professional skills through experiential learning and fellowship among students, faculty, community. 

       Advisor: Maria Miramontes - 
       Co-Advisor: Thesa Roepke - 
       President: Irma Evelia Espinoza

Games Club: to promote socialization through role playing (RPG), card, and board games. 

       Advisor: Sian Geraghty -
       President: Emily Mushegan  

The Hiking Club:  to attract Allan Hancock College students in acheiving benefits of physical fitness while enjoying the natural environment.

         Advisor:Erin Krier - 
         President: Liam Donovan - 

Latter-Day Saints Student Association (LDSSA) - to help students succeed in their studies and achieve a balanceeducationsalal-social life on campus while living the gospel of Jesus Christ by being a powerful influence for good on campus through providing meaningful activities and gospel study programs. 

          Advisor: Lisa Griffith - 
          President: Nathaniel Shearer - 

LIcensed Vocational Nursing Club (LVN Club) - to support the LVN Program students in reaching their education and career goals. 

       Advisor: Shavaun Maxson - 
       President: Rachael Belunza

Lotus Club: to provide a safe space, realxing, and supportive environment to explore ways of coping with destructive habits and addiction by bringing students together as a way to reflect and set good intentions as a way of moving forward. 

       Advisor Dalilah SantaCruz - 
      President Angela Ruiz 

Media Arts Club: For any student who wants to express themselves through creative technology. This club is dedicated to providing opportunities with the realm of media arts: Learning, resources, and inspiration to make art that uses innovative technology. Collaborative experiences that drives it members to create with digital tools. Fun social activities to provide it's members with a sense of community. 

       Advisor: Nancy Jo Ward - 
       President: Alex Adabajos 

 Nutrition and Wellness Club: to promote nutrition awareness and educate members on various nutrition topics.

Advisor: Christine Bisson - 
Co-Advisor: Ron Lovell - 
Co President  - Kristy Soriano 
Co- President - Bridget Adams 

The Poetry and Prose Club: is a place for anyone to gather and share their work whether you are new or experienced or you simply like the sound of poetry being read. It is a safe and inclusive place for like minded students  to grow, explore, and share their creativity and receive feedback from fellow peers as well as guest faculty, 

        Advisor: Alina Romo -
        Co-President: Quinnus Roberts   
        Co- President: Haley Kindon   

Pride Alliance Club: will serve as an open forum for students of all sexual orientations to meet and discuss issues related to sexual orientation and gender identities. Pride Alliance will also function as a support group for those students who identify as, are questioning, or are struggling with their identity as a member of the LGBTQIA2S+ community. Pride alliance will work to end homophobia and transphobiaia as well as contribute to building a sense of community on campus and lessen the isolation that LGBTQIA2S+ students might otherwise experience. 

         Advisor: LeeAnne McNulty - 
         Co-Advisor: Maggie Moreton - 
         Co-Advisor: Henry Schroff - 
         Co-Advisor: Frankie Maldonado - 
         President: Matthew Denison  

Psychology and Neuroscience Club: to promote scholarly activity and reseach amongst Allan Hancock College student in the fields of psychology and neuroscience. 

        Asvisor John Gallien. PhD. - 
        Co-Advisor: Anne McMeeking - 
        President: Abigail Noppenberg  

Registered Nursing Club (RN Club) : is established to promote and support students pursuing an Associate’s Degree in Nursing through the RN program, and provide positive reinforcement among their peers and students while being an advocate for nursing education.

        Advsior: Megan McComas - megan.mccomas@hancockcollege,edu 
        Presidenr: Janae Sarabia

Representation Matters! Club - to discuss and promote  the importance of representation of underrepresented populations in the media, arts, careers,  and descision making processes  by fostering an environment of diversity and inclusion in the college setting and in the community. 

      Advisor: James Read -  
      President: Kirsten Matematico

Robotics Club: to give studentopportunitiyiy tpaticipatete in a hands-on STEM program by building, perfecting, and competing with robots. This club participates in the Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center's Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Competitions. 

       Advisor: Jonathan Okerblom - 
       President: Fiona McGinnis 

Rodeo Team: to attract, guide, and support collegiate rodeo tam contestants through coaching instruction and student collaboration. Additionally the club is to increase interest in and awareness of college rodeo opportunities.

Advisor: Erin Krier - 
President: Sutton Mang   

Science and Engineering Club: to connect with industry professionals to expand student education and promote camaraderie and communication within the Science and Engineering departments by organizing lectures, peer advising, fundraisers, ASBG event participation, and field trips.

Advisor: Jim Houlis - 
Co-President: Nathaniel Piacentini - 
C0-President: Rubi Basurto 

The Studio Arts Club:  is here to nurture students who share a love of and interest in the studio arts -drawing, painting, sculpture, installation and mixed media. We aim to support students with these interests by: 1. providing a SAFE and welcoming space for EVERYONE to express themselves, 2. increasing exposure for student artists on campus, and 3. nurturing connections and collaboration among students, as well as between students and alumni in the studio arts fields. 

        Advisor: Adrienne Allebe -
        President: Dianna Barbosa 

Tennis Club: to promote a healthy lifestyles by organizing tennis practices, competitions  and events to maintain active membership as part of the United States Tennis Association's (USTA) Tennis On Campus Program. 

         Advisor: Chuck Provencio - 
         Presidnet: Kristy Soriano 

 Viticulture and Enology Club: to foster student integration, cooperation, and team building skills associated with viticulture and enology..

        Advisor: Alfredo Koch - 
        President: Taylor Fongers      

Women in Engineering & AC - to build and support a community of women who are majoring in Engineeting, Architecture, and Computer Science. 

        Advisor: Angelica Eulloqui - 
       President: Ruth Amaya 

Young Farmers and Ranchers Club: to attract, support, and empower future Farm Bureau leaders through industry collaborations and to increase increase interest in and awareness of agricultural opportunities and to support and promote the Allan Hancock College agriculture program along with its student garden and fruit orchard. This club is associated with the Santa Barbara County Farm Bureau. 

Advisor: Erin Krier - 
President: Tania Salinas