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Parking at Allan Hancock College

State law and the California Education code regulate college and university parking programs. At Allan Hancock College, the Allan Hancock College Police Department has the primary responsibility for administering the parking program. 

Parking and Permit FAQs

 (Parking Permit Update 08/08/2022)


For the beginning of Fall 2022, in white-lined parking spaces, no parking permit needs to be displayed.
Parking permits are required to be displayed in yellow- lined parking spaces.
More information will be communicated out, as we prepare to implement the new parking permit system.

                                                                       -Allan Hancock College Police Department-

Parking Permits

Parking permits are required when classes are in session for all vehicles parked on the Santa Maria campus, South Campus and at the Lompoc Valley Center between the hours of 8 a.m. and 10 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday. Students and visitors may park in white-lined stalls only. Purchasing a parking permit does not imply or guarantee a parking space.

There is no parking fee at the south side of the Columbia Business Center (CBC), at the Workforce Resource Center (WRC), the Vandenberg Space Force Base (VSFB) Center or the Santa Ynez Valley Center. A special no-charge permit is required by the Air Force for entry onto the base.

Purchasing a Permit

How do I purchase an Allan Hancock College Student Parking Permit?
Student parking permits are now sold exclusively online. After you have registered for classes in the current term you can purchase a permit:

  1. log on to myHancock
  2. Click Parking Permit under the Student Account heading, click the Parking Permit link and follow the steps to complete your order.
  3. Your permit will be sent to you in the mail by Credentials Solutions, Inc.

Note: you must have pop-ups enabled in your browser to be able to view the order screen.

What if I pay by cash, check, or voucher?
If you are paying by cash, check or voucher, you must use one of the designated computers located in lobby of building A or S on the Santa Maria campus or in the lobby of building 1 at the Lompoc Valley Center to order your permit and pay in person with a college cashier during regular hours. Call the location of your choice for hours or view the Contact Information page within the Cashier Services webpage.

Santa Maria Campus: 1-805-922-6966
Cashier (bldg. A): ext. 3626/3582/3270
Community Education (bldg. S): ext. 3209

Lompoc Valley Center: 805-735-3366

Once your online purchase is complete, Credentials Solutions, Inc. will mail a current-term parking pass to your home or designated address within five (5) business days. If you purchase your permit less than five (5) business days prior to or after the term begins, you will be able to print a temporary parking permit from the Credentials Solutions, Inc. website. Display the temporary permit in your vehicle per the stated instructions until your current-term permit arrives in the mail. If you have not received your permanent permit in the mail prior to your temporary permit expiring, you must contact the Allan Hancock College Police Department and obtain either an extended temporary permit or a replacement permit. Using an expired temporary permit will not stop you from receiving a parking citation.

The parking permit will be invalid if not attached to the inside lower left (driver’s side) corner of the front windshield. The permit must be visible from the outside front of the vehicle.

See more information regarding purchasing a student parking permit online.

One-day permits may be purchased for $2 from vending machines located near the parking lots on the Santa Maria campus, South Campus and at the Lompoc Valley Center.

Parking Regulations

If you park in a district parking lot you may park only in designated student areas. Although the district is providing the parking areas, the district assumes no liability or responsibility for loss, theft, or damage to your vehicle, nor does it guarantee a parking space. Copies of the Allan Hancock College Traffic and Parking Regulations are available online, at the Allan Hancock College Police Department, building N2; and at the Lompoc Valley Center administration office. 

View information on parking citations and appeals

Disabled Placards

Drivers possessing valid disabled placards and a valid AHC parking permit may park in designated disabled stalls. If disabled stalls are unavailable, those possessing placards and an AHC permit may park in nearby staff or student parking.

Security Escort Service

Security escort service by the AHC Police Department is available for students to and from parking lots on the Santa Maria campus and at the Lompoc Valley Center. To arrange an escort, call the campus of your choice an hour or more in advance.

Santa Maria campus: 922-6966 ext. 3652
Lompoc Valley Center: 735-3366 ext. 5652