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Academic Success Center

Spring 2023

To schedule an appointment with a MESA/STEM counselor, please contact: 

Christine Reed via email:
Angelica Eulloqui via SuccessNet:

The Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement Program

MESA is an academic program that provides a wide range of support services and activities aimed at fostering student achievement and increasing the success and participation they experience while pursuing a degree in mathematics, engineering, computer science, biology, architecture, kinesiology, or other science-based programs. MESA enables students to prepare for and graduate from a four-year university with a math-based degree. It also seeks to increase the diverse pool of transfer-ready community college students who are prepared to excel as math, engineering and science majors. Through the program, students develop academic and leadership skills, increase educational performance, and gain confidence in their abilities to compete academically and professionally.  


MESA sets high standards while providing the academic tools needed for helping students to succeed. This deceptively simple approach is effective and has produced remarkable results.

Henry T. Yang
Chancellor, UC Santa Barbara

Benefits of MESA

  • Enhance your educational experience while completing the first two years of a bachelor’s degree
  • Gain industry knowledge
  • Make friends who have similar academic and career interests
  • Develop a close relationship with faculty members
  • Develop and improve your academic leadership skills
  • Raise your educational expectations
  • Link with student and professional organizations to enhance your personal and professional development
  • Access state-of-the-art computer equipment and the Internet

Services Offered 

  • Orientation courses that transfer to CSU/UC 
  • Review Sessions, Organized Study Groups, and Tutoring
  • Dedicated student study center
  • Scholarship and internship opportunities 
  • Career and leadership development activities
  • Book loans (as available) 
  • Specialized student success seminars
  • Student Education Plans (SEP) and academic counseling
  • University transfer recognition and support