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Hands typing on a computer keyboardAllan Hancock College is committed to making its online content accessible to individuals of all abilities. The college Web Services Committee is actively monitoring the public website to bring it in compliance with California Government Code 11135, which requires such technologies to meet the accessibility requirements of Section 508 of the federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended (29 U.S.C. Sec. 794d). Our goal is to make the college website accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities.

Web platforms and services are evolving constantly, as is the support for assistive computer technologies. We welcome your feedback for improving the usability and accessibility of our website, applications, and services. 

Keyboard Commands

Web browsers provide support for a variety of keyboard commands to support navigation and interaction without requiring the use of a mouse. The following table includes common keyboard commands:

Desired Action     


Mac OS X   

Increase text size Control+Plus Sign Command+Plus Sign
Decrease text size Control+Minus Sign Command+Minus Sign
Restore text to default Control+0 Command+0
Move forward through form fields Tab Tab
Move backward through form fields Shift+Tab Shift+Tab
Go back a page Alt+Left Arrow Command+Left Arrow
Go forward a page Alt+Right Arrow Command+Right Arrow
Close the window Control+W Command+W

 Additional keyboard commands may be found for the following supported web browsers:

Reporting an Issue

If you cannot access web content or use a feature due to a disability, please use the form below to report your issue. We will work to accommodate you and fix the accessibility issue. 

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