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What is Degree Works?

Degree Works is a tool available for you to monitor your academic progress towards certificate/degree completion.  It is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, web-based academic advising and degree audit tool that helps you successfully navigate curriculum requirements. 

Counselors use Degree Works to create comprehensive student education plans in order to help you map out your certificate/degree and/or transfer requirements to a university.  You are required to schedule a counseling appointment in order to create a comprehensive plan.  

You can also use Degree Works to perform a "What If" analysis to determine certificate/degree completion for a different major. 

Degree Works can be accessed from within your myHancock account. 

Degree Works FAQs

How Degree Works Benefits Students 

  • Supports real-time delivery of progress towards certificate/degree completion
  • Confirms your academic standing at AHC
  • "What If" feature shows students how progress towards certificate/degree completion changes if a student chooses to change majors  

Important Note: Degree Works is designed to aid and facilitate academic advising, but is not intended to replace the valuable one-on-one sessions with counselors.