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Tutoring Schedules

Important Update: starting 9/9/20, MESA/STEM will offer online Organized study groups and review sessions via Zoom. access our tutors by using the links below.

As a MESA/STEM student at AHC, it is very important that your academics are a top priority.  Transferring to university will be significantly easier if you earn the best grades that you possibly can in your courses.  The extra efforts you can make every week to maximize your opportunities to earn high marks in your classes will pay off for you in the end.

Poor grades result in loss of priority registration, scholarship, internship, and access to class enrollment.  We hope you do not put yourself in that position. 

The MESA and STEM Centers are here to help!  We provide STEM course tutoring every weekday, as well as Review Sessions and Organized Study Groups.  Studies show that students who regularly participate in these services do significantly better academically than students who choose not to take part.

Review Sessions, Organized Study Groups, and tutoring schedules can be accessed by clicking on the links below. Review Sessions and Organized Study Groups are weekly cooperative learning sessions that are offered in conjunction with core STEM courses in math, computer science, biology, physics, engineering, and chemistry. Designed to enhance student understanding, they feature peer-facilitated group work on problems at the level of course instruction.

Use the first link to see our tutors' availabilities. Once you find a tutor for the course you need help with, simply click on that tutor's name to be connected to their waiting room.
Please note that you will need to be using a PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android device to connect to our tutors this way. If you have any questions, please email for assistance.

Online Tutoring Hours by Tutor Name with ZOOM LINKS (Fall 2020)

STEM & MESA Online Tutoring Hours by Course (Fall 2020)

Online Organized Study Groups & Review Sessions with ZOOM LINKS (Fall 2020)

Take good care of your academic health and remember:
Tutoring is a vitamin, not an aspirin. Engage in it on a regular basis to maintain your academic health; not just when you are in academic pain.