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Faculty Resources

This page is designed for assist current noncredit and fee-base course instructors. Below you will find links to the documents and forms most commonly used by instructors, including the College for Kids and fee-based course instructor's guidelines. Forms are all in PDF format. 

Resources for Noncredit Instructors


Noncredit Forms

Forms for Fee-Based/College For Kids


Requesting Flyers or Printed Materials

To request flyers, please fill out the Flyer Request Form and submit it along with the language and content of the flyer to the office of the dean (Bldg. S). Once approved, flyer development will be handled by the office of the dean, who will contact the requester once flyers are ready for pick up. Please submit flyer requests at least four (4) weeks before classes start.

Interested in Teaching for Community Education?

Those interested in teaching for Community Education can visit the AHC Human Resources Office or visit the teach for CE website.