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Student Resources & Forms

Noncredit Admission Form

ENGL: If you have never taken classes with Community Education or if you took classes one or more years ago, use the form below.

SPAN: Si nunca ha tomado clases en Community Education o si ha pasado un año o más desde la última vez que tomó clases, use el formulario que aparece abajo.

Noncredit Registration Forms

ENGL: If you took classes last semester, use the form below to register for classes this semester.

SPAN: Si tomó clases el semestre pasado, use el formulario que aparece abajo para inscribirse en clases este semestre -

Multiple Section Enrollment Appeal Form

Request to Add/Change Noncredit Major

Request for Enrollment Verification (ENGL form)

Noncredit Student Resources

Forms for Fee-Based/College for Kids Program