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Learn Computer Basics

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In an ever-evolving online landscape, staying ahead is crucial, and Allan Hancock College Community Education is here to ensure you're well-prepared.

Gain a competitive edge in the job market by acquiring essential computer skills through our Certificates of Completion in Beginning Computer Skills and Microsoft Office Basics, as today's entry-level positions across various industries demand digital literacy.

Let our dedicated instructors guide you toward unlocking your potential and achieving your academic, personal, and professional aspirations.

Beginning Courses:

  • VOCE 7100 - Computers and You: Level 1
    • Learn the basics of using a computer. Understanding computer lingo, what to look for when buying a computer and an introduction to Windows - opening and saving files, Word Processing and the Internet.
  • VOCE 7101 - Computers and You: Level 2
    • Designed to build on the skills mastered in Computers and You Level 1. Includes Microsoft Word, Internet, basic Email skills (using, and an introduction to Excel and PowerPoint.
  • VOCE 7103 - Introduction to the Internet
    • Navigate the exciting world of cyberspace. Learn the business and consumer uses of the internet, such as websites, blogs, maps and directions, podcasts and more. 
  • VOCE 7108 - Computer Skills Lab
    • Designed for the person wanting to upgrade their computer skills. This is a great place to learn at your own pace using a manual or practice what you are learning in other computer classes.
  • VOCE 7109 - Microsoft Windows
    • Introduction to Windows, the most widely used computer operating system. Learn to customize the desktop, organize files, transfer files and photos from one device to another, perform basic photo editing, use OneDrive (cloud) services, and Windows Apps.
  • VOCE 7110 - Social Media
    • Learn how to use some of today’s most popular Social Media. Some of the media covered will include Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Skype.
  • VOCE 7111 - Email
    • Learn to use Microsoft Outlook E-mail, Calendaring, and Contacts functions. Learn to send and receive mail, add contacts, set appointments and reminders, create distribution groups, and more.

Perfect for tech novices, this program teaches Windows basics, file organization, application use, email handling, internet browsing, and social media account management.

View the College Catalog for more information on our Beginning Computer Skills classes and Certificate of Completion.

Beginning Courses:

  • VOCE 7105 - Intro to Microsoft Word
    • Designed for beginning to intermediate computer users who would like to learn many of the features of Word, while creating letters, certificates, flyers, labels and more.
  • VOCE 7107 - Intro to Microsoft Excel
    • Students learn the basics of Excel: creating spreadsheets, formulas, charts, and more.

  • VOCE 7112 - Intro to Microsoft Powerpoint
    • Students will learn the basics of creating PowerPoint slide shows for business, home and volunteer use. Students will create slides, and add pictures, animation, and music to their presentations.
  • VOCE 7113 - Intro to Microsoft Publisher
    • Students will learn to create flyers, tri-folds, business cards, calendars, cards, envelopes and labels for business, volunteer, or home use.

Tailored for those completing Beginning Computer Skills or seeking professional application, our Microsoft Office Basics program guides students in creating flyers (Word), analyzing data (Excel), developing presentations (PowerPoint), and designing business cards and brochures (Publisher).

Check the Hancock College Catalog for more information on our Microsoft Office Basics classes and Certificate of Completion.

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VOCE - Vocational Community Ed (Noncredit) Courses   woman

  • VOCE 7622 - Green gardening: Beginning
    • This survey course combines discussion, demonstration, and interactive exercises to focus on resource conservation and pollution prevention in the landscape.
  • VOCE 7623 - Green Gardening: Advanced
    • This course combines discussion, demonstration, and interactive exercises to develop detailed skill sets focused on resource conservation and pollution prevention in the landscape. 
  • VOCE 7701 - Kitchen Basics ICCA
    • Learn the fundamentals of food preparation including terminology, equipment, and techniques in this introductory course designed for individuals working in a kitchen, interested in starting a home-based culinary business, or who wish to improve their kitchen skills.
  • VOCE 7702 - Introduction to Baking
    • Explore the amazing science and artistry of baking. This class introduces the student to the basic baking skills and procedures used in commercial bakeries.
  • VOCE 7703 - Introduction to Cooking
    • Explore the workings of commercial kitchen operations in this introductory class designed to develop basic skills in the preparation of eggs, soups, vegetables, starches and grains, poultry and meats.
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Be More, Do More, Earn More!

Computer skills are crucial for roles like customer service representative, administrative assistant, and operations coordinator, with average hourly wages ranging from $19 to $22.

These middle-skills jobs, requiring high school diploma but not necessarily a college degree, offer living wages and growth opportunities.