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Fall Admissions Process

Follow these steps for Fall Admission.  Speak to a transfer counselor if you have any questions.  Follow the link if you intend to transfer Winter/Spring Admission.


  • If applying to a University of California (UC) school, create an account on the Transfer Admission Planner (TAP) and begin filling out the application.
  • Start working on your Personal Insight Questions (UC & private schools only).
  • Visit websites for universities of interest.
    • Check for supplemental criteria that may be required for
  • Meet with a counselor to verify if you are transfer ready.
    • Be sure to:
      • Check eligibility for Academic Renewal if you have substandard grades (D or F).
      • Pay attention to due dates for university applications and supplemental applications.
  • Check out our University Road Trips and University Representative webpage.




  • If you haven’t done so, attend a CSU/UC Admission Application Workshop.
  • Submit CSU and UC applications by November 30.
  • Schedule an Application Review Appointment with a counselor to ensure your application has no mistakes.
  • Keep copies of your application and/or the confirmation number for your records.
  • CSU application fee per campus = $70. UC application fee per campus= $80.  Fee waiver requests (for CSU and UC) are embedded in the online admission application.
  • Only send official transcripts if requested by the university.
    • Universities will email a confirmation and many will have you set up a portal account online.
  • Apply for the Allan Hancock College Foundation Scholarship (deadline in February).


  • VERY IMPORTANT: Check your email regularly throughout the winter break. There may be deadlines.
  • Make sure you have set-up login access to all university portals. Call them if you have trouble accessing their portals. This is very important!
  • Begin checking portals/emails for any additional deadlines or requirements.
  • Use your winter break time to organize and/or obtain university information as well as to search for scholarships, visit campuses, look into housing and scholarships, and create a university budget.



  • Research and apply for scholarships (each university may have separate scholarship applications on their financial aid webpage).
  • Admissions decisions typically start to roll out in February (some may be earlier and some may come March-May).
  • Begin to explore housing options.  Housing information is usually included in your offer for admission and/or along with your Student Intent to Enroll (SIR).


  • To earn a Transfer Recognition Award complete the form to let the University Transfer Center know where you will be attending in the fall.
  • If you applied for financial aid, you will receive a financial aid award This award is most often posted to your university portal.  The financial aid award will provide a detailed description of how much money you will receive at the university.  
  • Attend a Next Steps Workshop offered by the University Transfer Center.
  • If possible, visit prospective campuses during open house events.  Check out our University Virtual Events page for upcoming transfer events. 


  • Submit your Student Intent to Register (SIR) to the UC or CSU school of your choice. See your university portal for exact deadlines.
  • Attend the Transfer Stars Celebration hosted by the AHC University Transfer Center.  
  • Attend our Allan Hancock College Commencement if you applied for an associate degree.


  • Check your email on a regular basis for important updates, requirements, and documents you need to send to each university.
  • Check your university portal regularly! Missing important deadlines often means a withdrawal of your application.
  • If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask a counselor for help!


  • Submit an on-campus housing application.  If you are applying for on-campus housing, you can submit an application once you get your student ID number.  Most campuses have a first come, first served procedure.  Applications can be found on the school's housing webpage.
  • Attend your university orientation! Most orientations are held in June or July.  Some campuses will have a transfer-specific orientation.
  • Submit your final official transcripts & AP scores to the university you are attending.  Deadlines vary!
  • Contact the University Transfer Center (UTC) for more information:  Building A, Room 205 or call 1-805-922-6966 ext. 3363.