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Cal Poly SLO Resources

CPSLOConsidering transferring to Cal Poly SLO?  Cal Poly offers six academic colleges with a variety of bachelor degree programs.  Regardless of the program you choose, Cal Poly emphasizes hands-on learning and real-world experiences in their curriculum.  Below are useful links that will help you explore your options. 

Cal Poly 2+2 Sociology Program

Earn a Cal Poly Sociology Degree at Hancock!  Cal Poly and Allan Hancock College's new 2+2 sociolgy program allows transfer students to earn a Cal Poly Sociology Bachelor of Arts degree without commuting to San Luis Obispo.

Students are required to complete Hancock's Associate of Arts-Transfer degree in Sociology to satisfy admission criteria to the 2+2 program.  Schedule a transfer counseling appointment to learn more. 

Sociology Degree
2+2 YouTube Video

Major Specific Transfer Criteria

A list of required and desired major courses to be completed by the end of spring term before fall admission.  You must complete these courses to be considered competitive in the selection process.  

Degree Curriculum Sheets

A list of degree requirements for all bachelor programs.

Advanced Placement Credit

Find out how AP credit applies to your major, general education and/or degree-applicable units.  

YouTube Major Videos

View these informative major videos which will help you explore more than 60 degree programs.  

Clubs and Organizations

Cal Poly has more than 400 student organizations to serve a wide range of interests, whether it be academic, professional, cultural, artistic, athletic, service orientated, Greek life and more. 

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Income Guidelines

EOP income guidelines for prospective students.  


Cal Poly offers a variety of university-wide and college-based scholarships.  You are automatically considered for most scholarships when you apply for admission, and you can complete an application for additional scholarships once you are enrolled in classes. 

Admission Decision Appeal

Were you denied admission to Cal Poly?  Check out the link for step-by-step instructions on how to appeal the decision.