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California State University

Find your future at the California State University with 23 campuses and thousands of degree options. 

CSU Campuses

Choosing Your CSU

Considering a CSU?  Check out the CSU campuses and see the right fit for you.

Transfer Planner

Get started on your CSU Transfer Planner!  It's a free online tool designed to help you transfer from a community college to a CSU.  Whether you're already on track to transfer or just thinking about it, don't wait.  The CSU Transfer Planner empowers you to explore and plan for a successful transfer to any of the 23 CSU campuses.  

Benefits of the Transfer Planner:

  • Learn more about CSU programs 
  • Plan your courswork
  • Track your progress toward transferring to a CSU in a timely manner  

Transfer Success Pathway

Transfer Success Pathway

The new Transfer Success Pathway is a dual admission program designed to increase access to the CSU.  You can guarantee your admission to a CSU within your first semester at Hancock.  You will enter into an agreement by completing a Transfer Planner with the CSU and receive guaranteed admission to the degree program and campus of your choice if all requirements are met within a three year period.  Take advantage of this amazing opportunity as soon as you start Hancock.  Meet with a counselor for more information. 


  • You're a recent high school graduate or obtained a GED and haven't earned any college credit since completing high school.   

Associate Degrees for Transfer

Allan Hancock College offers Associate Degrees for Transfer that are two-year associate degrees and fully transferrable to the CSU.  CSU transfer students complete 60 semester units towards their bachelor's degree at AHC.  It takes 120 units to complete a bachelor's degree.   

With these Associate Degrees for Transfer - sometimes called a Degree with a Guarantee - Hancock students, who meet the CSU's minimum eligibility requirements, are guaranteed priority registration to a CSU campus, though not necessarily to a particular campus or major.  Use the Associate Degree for Transfer Major & Campus Search to find CSU campuses that will accept AHC Associate Degrees for Transfer.

Major and General Education Courses

What lower-division courses are required for your major?  What general education classes should you take?  Use, as a transfer tool to get a list of major courses based on the CSU of your choice.  Also, you are encouraged to complete the CSU General Education Pattern.  It is important to schedule an appointment with a counselor to develop a student education plan based on the universities of your choice to ensure you are taking all the right classes for admission.    

Steps to Apply & Deadlines

  1. Attend a CSU Admission Application Workshop or watch a pre-recorded webinar
  2. Get started on your CSU Admission Application.
  3. Before you submit your application, schedule an Application Review Appointment so a counselor can review your application.
  4. Attend University Application Follow-Up Workshop for next steps.  
Application Checklist

Fall Admission 

Winter | Spring Admission 

Submit by scheduled deadline:

Admission Application: October 1 - November 30
Campus Deadline Extensions

Statement of Intent to Register: May 1
Campus Deadline Extension

Official Transcripts: July 15

Submit by scheduled deadline:

Admission Application: August 1-31
Campus Deadline Extensions

Statement of Intent to Register: Refer to CSU campus
Official Transcripts: Refer to CSU campus

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