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Counseling Forms

The following forms may have a scheduled deadline.  Go to our Counseling Deadlines page for additional information.                                                                 

General Education Patterns

For prior years, please refer to our archived catalogs.

2022-2023 AHC Pattern
2022-2023 CSU Pattern
2022-2023 CSU for STEM Pattern
2022-2023 IGETC Pattern 
2022-2023 IGETC for STEM Pattern 

Counseling Appeals

Excessive Course Attempt Appeal
Concurrent Enrollment | College Now Appeal
Corequisite | Prerequisite Appeal
Loss of Priority Registration | CCPG Fee Waiver Appeal
Requesting Excess Units

Applications for Degrees | Certificates

Application for an Associate Degree | Graduation
Application for a Certificate
Application for CSU GE Certification
Application for IGETC Certification


Allan Hancock College will provide, upon request, alternative translations of its general information documents in large print, Braille, e-text, etc.  Please call 1-805-922-6966 ext. 3788.