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In Case of Emergency

Blue Light Emergency Phone

For emergency contact, students can push the button on any of the blue light emergency phones located throughout campus

Student Health Services staff are available for first aid services for all students, faculty, staff and visitors to the Allan Hancock College campus.  If first aid/medical care is needed, follow directions in the Emergency Procedures posted around campus or call Campus Police at ext. 3911 or 911

Student Health Services staff are available for urgent care for minor injuries and illness during regular office hours at the Santa Maria campus and at the Lompoc Valley Center Monday through Thursday. 

Emergency and urgent medical services are available 24 hours daily at:  

Marian Medical Center Hospital
1400 E. Church
Santa Maria, CA

Lompoc Valley Hospital
508 E. Hickory Ave
Lompoc, CA

Students involved in an accident or incidental injury on campus must file an Accident Report with Student Health Services.  These forms are available on myhancock.  Please call us at ext. 3212 with any questions.