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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our programs for high school students? Check out these frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer here, please email us at or 


What is Early College?
Early College includes all opportunities for high school students to earn college credit through Allan Hancock College (AHC) while they are in high school: College Now! (CN), Concurrent Enrollment (CE), High School Articulation.

What is College Now!?
College Now! is when you enroll in an AHC course offered on AHC campuses in Santa Maria, Lompoc, Santa Ynez, or online. The courses are mainly filled with non-high school students and are taught by AHC faculty. For more information on what courses are offered and how to enroll, please visit the College Now! webpage.

What is Concurrent Enrollment?
Concurrent Enrollment is when you take a course offered at your high school site that is mainly filled with high school students. These courses are offered during the high school bell schedule and are taught by AHC-approved high school teachers. For more information on what courses are available at your high school and how to enroll, please visit our Concurrent Enrollment webpage.

What is Articulated Credit?
Some high schools have career technical education or CTE courses that grant articulated credit through AHC. For more information about articulated credit available at your high school and how to apply, please visit the High School Articulation webpage.

How do I sign up for College Now! or Concurrent Enrollment?
The first step to enrollment for both programs is to complete an online AHC Application for Admission,
To sign up for College Now!, please visit our College Now! webpage. PDF forms are still being accepted for Spring 2024 term within established deadlines.
For Concurrent Enrollment, please visit our Concurrent Enrollment webpage or talk to your high school counselor as our registration process is transitioning to a new, online-based platform

When can College Now! and Concurrent Enrollment students register for classes?
Registration dates for College Now! students who have submitted their petitions for enrollment and were cleared to register are posted on College Now! webpage.
Registration Dates for Concurrent Enrollment students vary by high school. Please contact your high school counselors for dates and deadlines.

How do I know what Concurrent Enrollment classes are offered at my high school?
You can ask your high school counselor what classes are offered as Concurrent Enrollment at your high school. The list of concurrent enrollment courses offered by high school is also posted on the Concurrent Enrollment webpage.

How many College Now! and Concurrent Enrollment classes can I take each term?
High school students may take up to a maximum of 6 units in the summer, fall, winter, and spring semesters.

Which College Now! or Concurrent Enrollment courses can I take?
High school students must meet with their high school counselor regarding which concurrent enrollment or College Now! courses they should take before starting the registration process. High school students can only enroll in courses listed on College Now! Course Listing which is posted on our website annually, and there are no exceptions. Please cross-reference this list when talking with your high school counselor and selecting courses.

What is the College Now! Course Listing?
High school students can only enroll in courses listed on College Now! Course Listing. This listing is reviewed annually and subject to change. Please refer to the current College Now! Course Listing posted on our webpage.

How do I know which AHC classes are available this term for College Now! or Concurrent Enrollment and when they will be offered?
All course information can be found in AHC Class Search. Please refer to the current College Now! Course Listing to identify courses open to high school students. You can only take courses posted on this list.

Can I take Physical Education courses?
PE activity courses require the permission of the instructor of record, which may be granted on the first day of the term, if enrollment in the PE course permits adding College Now! students. Please refer to the current College Now! Course Listing to identify PE courses open to high school students.

What is a Prerequisite and Corequisite?
A Prerequisite is a course (or equivalent skills or prior experience) that you must complete with a grade of “C” or better before enrolling in a more advanced course.
A Corequisite is a course that must be taken while you enroll in the desired course.

What do I do if the course I wish to take has a Prerequisite or a Corequisite?
All prerequisites must be met before enrollment. Please visit the AHC Counseling webpage for guidance on how to clear prerequisites or submit an appeal. Please be aware of appeal deadlines. External transcripts must be on file with the Admissions Office.

Can any of my AP high school courses replace the college courses I need take for my degree?
Allan Hancock College grants credit towards its associate degrees for successful completion of examinations in the AP. Students who complete AP Examinations with scores of 3, 4, or 5 will receive the credit according to the AHC AP, CLEP, & IB Equivalency List. To receive credit, students must submit their AP exam scores to AHC Admissions by providing their records from College Board (preferred method) or high school transcript if AP Exam scores are listed. AP class attendance and high school grade cannot replace AP exam scores.

Will College Now! and Concurrent Enrollment courses count for high school credit?
Concurrent Enrollment courses will give you college and high school credit simultaneously.
College Now! courses may give you college credit only. Taking College Now! courses at AHC does not guarantee high school credit, and high school credit will only be given based on the approval of your high school or district administrator.

How do I drop a class?
Classes can be dropped within established deadlines. Please refer to each course reference number (CRN) in Class Search for Critical Dates. To drop a class, you must log in to the myHancock portal. To complete the process, look for the “Register/Add/Drop Classes” link under “Class Registration & Schedule” on your Dashboard.

What is Pass/No Pass?
Instead of a standard letter grade, students may elect a pass/no pass grade for courses that offer this grading option. In this case, they will only receive a passing (P) or no pass (NP) grade. A P/NP grade is not calculated into their AHC GPA, but they will receive credit for taking the course if it is completed with a P.
Students may choose a pass/no pass within established deadlines. Go to Class Search to look up Critical Dates and grading options for each course you take.
To select the pass/no pass option, complete the pass/no pass form (must be logged in to myHancock). On your Dashboard, look for the “Pass/no pass option” under “Class Registration & Schedule” - ”Register/Add/Drop”  to complete the process.
A student who has declared P/NP may not rescind that choice later. More info can be found under Pass/No Pass Grade Option webpage.

How do I update my English and Math Placement?
You can report your Math, English, and high school GPA while submitting a CCC application for a desired term. Continuing students may also update their Math and English placement on the myHancock portal. To complete the process, look for the “Register/Add/Drop Classes” link under “Class Registration & Schedule” on your Dashboard.

What is a “W”?
“W” stands for “withdrawal.” It means that you dropped the course after the census date. A “W” will show on your transcript; a “W” is better than a D or an F, but you still want to avoid it. Pay attention to Critical Dates for each course you take, like drop dates. More info can be found under “Impact of Dropping or Withdrawing” on the AHC Admissions webpage.

What are the Critical Dates for my course, and where can I find them?
All college courses have critical dates and deadlines that college students must follow. Examples include the last day to add the class, the last day to drop the class, the last day to choose Pass/No Pass, etc.
Critical Dates are listed in AHC Class Search under each CRN (a 5-digit course reference number). Follow a blue link for each CRN you register for, and the dates will be displayed. Note that different courses may have different deadlines.

What happens if I get a D or an F in a course?
Poor grades will hurt college GPAs and academic standing. Low GPAs can negatively affect students’ financial aid eligibility. Please see an AHC counselor for guidance and limitations. More information can be found on AHC Counseling webpage under "Probation and Dismissal."

How do I access online courses?
AHC online courses are offered through Canvas. The link to AHC Canvas is available on myHancock portal.

What fees must I pay for College Now! and Concurrent Enrollment courses?
For Concurrent Enrollment students, all fees include registration, health, course, and textbooks are waived.
For College Now! students, registration fees are waived, but all other fees, including health fee, student center fee (if applicable) and the cost of textbooks and materials do apply.
Fees are NOT waived for College Now! and Concurrent Enrollment students enrolled in 12 or more units. If approved for 12 or more units, YOU must pay all fees.

Is there Financial Aid available to me as a high school student?
No. Financial Aid is only available to students who have graduated from high school.

Where can I buy textbooks for AHC classes?
For Concurrent Enrollment courses offered at your high school, your books will be covered by your high school.
For College Now! courses offered at AHC campuses or online, you can search for, purchase, or rent required textbooks using the course CRN at the AHC Bookstore.

Why is there a registration hold on my account?
There are several reasons for registration holds. Please refer to the following link explaining this situation in more detail: