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Pass/No Pass Grade Option

Pass/No Pass Grading Policy

Students may elect whether the basis of evaluation is a pass/no pass or a letter grade no later than the last day of instruction for a course. Pass/no pass courses are designated in the catalog's Announcement of Courses section.

A student may elect the pass/no pass option during online registration or by completing a pass/no pass online form to the Admissions and Records by the last day of instruction for the course, which is also published in the schedule of classes. A student who has declared this option may not later rescind that choice at a later date.

It is the student's responsibility to check the college catalog or with a counselor to verify that the course is offered with the pass/no pass option. The grades assigned to students electing the option will be P (pass) for those who have attained course objectives to the satisfaction of the instructor, NP (no pass) for those who have not attained the course objectives, or I (incomplete). The mechanics of pass/no pass grading are as follows:

  1. Students who perform at a level equivalent to A, B, or C will receive the grade of P.  Students will be awarded units for the course but their grade point averages will not be affected.

  2. Students who perform at a level equivalent to D or F will receive NP as a grade.  No units will be granted and no grade points will be awarded.
  3. For classes starting after the beginning of the semester or term, the option must be declared at the time of enrollment.

Limitations on Pass/No Pass Grades

Students transferring to four-year schools should not elect more than one class per semester for pass/no pass. No more than 16 units of P graded courses may be applied toward an AA/AS degree.

How to select the Pass/No Pass option

Please complete the Pass/No Pass Form (must be logged into myHancock).


Spring 2024-Semester Length/Term 4

Term 3



Summer 2024 8/1/2024

Fall 2024-Semester Length/Term 2

Term 1



Winter 2025 1/15/2025

Spring 2025-Semester Length/Term 4




Pass/no pass form

For questions, please contact

Go to the online Class Search to see the courses pass/no pass deadlines and options.

Determining grade Pass/No Pass Option.