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Prerequisite Appeal

Are you currently enrolled in the prerequisite course at another college?  Maybe you have completed the prerequisite course at another college with a grade of C or better and have yet to submit an official transcript?  Do not complete a prerequisite appeal.  Instead, submit a "Prerequisite Provisional", which will quickly lift the registration block pending you provide an official transcript.  Go to our Counseling Forms webpage to access the Prerequisite Provisional form. 

What is a Prerequisite?

A prerequisite is a course that must be completed with a grade of "C" or better before enrolling in a more advanced course.  You have the right to challenge a prerequisite.  You have the responsibility to provide documentation to support your appeal.  

Steps To Challenge a Prerequisite

Reason to challenge a prerequisite: You have documented knowledge and abilities despite not completing the prerequisite course, the prerequisite has not been made reasonably available, the prerequisite is discriminatory or is being applied in a disriminatory manner.

If any of the above reasons apply to you, continue with the following steps: 

1. Complete a Prerequisite Appeal.  You are required to submit your appeal by the scheduled deadline.  

2. Once you submit the prerequisite appeal, you will receive a provisional clearance to enroll in the desired course while we process your appeal.  You must submit the appeal by the scheduled deadline to be given a provisional. 

3. You will be contacted via email once a decision has been made.  If your appeal was denied, you will be administratively dropped from the course. The appeal review process takes up to 5 business days.