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Testing Accommodation Policies

LAP Testing Accommodation Policies

  1. Laptop and notesStudents must have a completed Testing Accommodations (TA) Authorization form for their class on file at the LAP Testing Center before they may take an exam in the testing center. 
  1. Students must make an appointment at the LAP at least 2 school days prior to the date of each test. Students are encouraged to make testing appointments a week in advance; however, 2 school days prior is the minimum allowed. 
  1. Students are required to schedule exams on the same day, time and the same Allan Hancock College campus (Santa Maria or Lompoc Valley Center) as the class is taking the test unless authorized for alternative day or alternative time on the TA Authorization form or the instructor has communicated by e-mail, note or call to LAP the approval of an alternative day or time. 
  1. Students need to contact the LAP office as soon as possible if a test is canceled or rescheduled or if they decide to take the test in the class. Students need to advise their instructors to notify LAP if an exam date is canceled or rescheduled. 
  1. Students are responsible for confirming arrangements with their instructors a minimum of 48 hours (2 days) before each test date. 
  1. If instructor approved testing conditions other than those indicated on the TA Authorization form are required, the student must negotiate these changes with the instructor before the test can be administered. Information about such changes need to communicated to LAP by a note, email or call from the instructor before the test can be administered. 
  1. If accommodations other than those originally indicated on the TA Authorization form are necessary, the student must contact his or her LAP specialist or counselor to discuss these changes before the test can be administered. 
  1. Students are expected to arrive on time and ready to begin their test. If a student is more than 15 minutes late to their test appointment, the amount of allowed test time will be reduced by the amount of time the student was late. Students who are more than 15 minutes late to their test appointment may be asked to sign a waiver of their full test time accommodation and may be subject to any late/tardy policies of their instructor. 
  1. Students are not permitted to study during testing appointments. 
  1. Students may not leave the building once the test has begun. However, students are allowed to leave individually for breaks within the hallway and will be expected to return within 10 minutes. The test proctor will document breaks longer than 10 minutes. 
  1. Students should advise the test proctor of any personal or medical needs that may arise during testing prior to the beginning of an exam, and notify the proctor immediately if they encounter any difficulties during a test. 
  1. When using test accommodations the student will work alone. No tutoring or coaching will be provided. 
  1. Use of technology, including cell phones, smart watches and any device that can send or receive wireless signals, is not permitted unless indicated as a testing accommodation or instructor approved testing condition. 
  1. If a reader or scribe is authorized, the accommodation will be provided by a test proctor. Non-staff assistance is not permitted during testing unless approved by the LAP administrator. 
  1. Use of a private testing room must be indicated as a necessary accommodation on TA authorization form. 
  1. Out of Class Testing Policy allows students a maximum of double time.

Academic Honesty

LAP adheres to the Allan Hancock College Academic Honesty Board Policy (BP 5500).  Honesty and integrity are essential to the academic community.  Faculty, students and staff are expected to be truthful, trustworthy, and fair in all academic endeavors.  Students who violate these principles by cheating, plagiarizing or acting in other academically dishonest ways are subject to disciplinary action.

If any evidence of cheating is observed:

  • All test materials including any unauthorized materials such as notes will be collected by the test proctor
  • The student’s LAP specialist or LAP counselor and the instructor will be notified immediately
  • The test proctor will document in writing what was observed and what actions were taken.
  • The matter will be turned over to the instructor for further action. The decision as to course of action is left to the discretion of the instructor within the established academic honesty policy.

Cheating may result in the suspension or termination of LAP test accommodation services.  If LAP test accommodations are to be suspended or terminated, the student will receive written notification from the program administrator. Any further accommodations will need to be arranged directly with the instructor.  If the student wishes to appeal the decision, he/she should follow the appeals process outlined in the Academic Honesty policy in the Allan Hancock College catalog.