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Alternative formats and media refer to an alternative or different format of materials, such as textbooks, which may include e-text, large print, Braille, assistive technology, etc. and is an accommodation approved on an individual basis through the interactive process between the student and their LAP Specialist. We will refer to it as Alternative Formats from this point forward.

Getting Access to Alternative Formats

  • Please meet with your LAP counselor or specialist as soon as possible to determine if alternative formats is an appropriate accommodation.
  • Students may be referred to the Assistive Technology Instructor for assistance in determining the type of assistive software and/or alternative format that is the best fit.

Requesting Alternative Formats

To request alternative formats each semester, you must log into LAP Online, which is the platform Learning Assistance Program (LAP) will be using to process your accommodation requests. Please check out the Alternative Formats Policies and Guidelines for more information about timelines, self-service, etc.

Logging into LAP Online and Finding Your Classes

  1. Use your myHancock Username and Passwordto log into LAP Online.
  2. After logging in, make sure you are in the “My Dashboard” tab.