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LAP Online

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What is LAP Online?

It’s a web-based database system that provides a means for LAP to communicate and interact with faculty, staff, and students with disabilities from one platform.

It’s also fully integrated with Hancock College's Student Information System so you can sign in with the same information. 

What Can You Do in LAP Online?

  1. Apply for LAP services online
  2. Attach and upload documentation directly into the system
  3. Request letters of accommodation  and accommodation services for each course
  4. View book information for each course and request alternative media services
  5. Schedule accommodated testing
  6. Request communication access services (ASL, Typewell, CART, etc.)

Student LAP Online Guides and Links

As soon as you register for a class, you should request your accommodation letter for that class to be sure your instructional faculty are aware of your disability accommodations for the semester. Students who become newly eligible for  accommodations during the semester must request their letters as soon as they are active with LAP. If accommodation letters are not requested in a timely manner, it may not be possible to provide accommodations in a timely manner. 

To request alternative media each semester, you must log into LAP Online. 

LAP Testing provides services to students who have completed their intake and set up accommodations. Once students have sent their Accommodation Letter to instructors, and the instructor has submitted the Alternative Testing Agreement, students are required to submit their own Exam Request through LAP Online.