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How to Maintain Eligibility For Financial Aid

Federal regulations require students to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to be eligible for federal aid (grants, loans, and work-study) and Cal Grants. To be eligible for financial aid, students must maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP).

Students who had extenuating circumstances that prevented them from making satisfactory academic progress may submit a SAP Appeal Request to be reviewed and hopefully approved to have their aid reinstated.

Probation is defined as a status a school assigns to a student who is failing to make satisfactory academic progress and who successfully appeals. Federal regulations require that the student make SAP progress at the end of their probation semester before they can continue to receive aid.

If your Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal is approved, you will be placed on Probation Status.  You are eligible for financial aid while on Probation Status. Your financial aid for the term of the appeal will be re-instated. You will receive an email notice of the conditions of your reinstatement and will be placed on a Probation Status. To remain eligible for aid, you will need to meet SAP standards for the next term you enroll in at Allan Hancock College or meet the conditions of your reinstatement during your probation. Failure to do so will result in a loss of aid eligibility for future terms.     

Students on Probation SAP status will remain on Probation until they naturally meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), graduate, or fail to meet the terms of their probation status. To stay on probation status, students must show academic progress at the end of each semester. In general, to remain on probation students must do the following each semester:

  • Take courses listed on their approved Student Academic Plan (SEP).
  • Complete successfully of their units during their probationary semester.
  • Avoid W’s, D’s, F’s, and NPs.
  • Increase their unit progression completion percentage.
  • Increase their term GPA and cumulative GPA.

Note: Failure to follow any terms of probation will result in immediate termination of probation status and will revert to Cancellation status. Students in this situation have the option to re-appeal but may not use the same reason provided in initial appeal approval and must address the circumstances that caused them to be unable to meet the terms of the Probation status.

SAP Probation is reviewed by the SAP Appeal Committee at the end of every term (fall, spring, and summer). Students who meet the conditions of their academic plan will continue to be placed on probation until either they complete their program or begin to meet the SAP Standards.

Students who fail to meet the conditions of the appeal will be. Once canceled, students will be disqualified from receiving all federal forms of financial aid and Cal Grants. 

Note, California College Promise Grant (CCPG) has different eligibility criteria and in most cases may continue to be eligible for this grant. 

Students with a denial outcome will receive the specified reason for the decision in their denial and suggestions on what to do before a future appeal.  Students have the option to re-appeal a denied outcome in the same or future semester. Please keep in mind that a re-appeal without new information or documentation from the original denial will not be accepted.

All decisions by the Appeals Committee are final.  If your appeal is denied, your aid will stay in a Cancellation Status. After you have demonstrated Satisfactory Academic Progress, you can re-appeal to have your aid reinstated.  

Students who do not wish to re-appeal or have their re-appeal(s) denied will need to seek alternative payment methods that do not require them to meet SAP until they either meet SAP again naturally or graduate, whichever occurs first.

Please visit the below website and access these campus resources to assist you completing your courses successfully and improving your grades Campus Resources (

You may pay out of pocket:

The Office of Cashiers at Ext 3270 may be contacted for payment information.

 Private aid that does not require SAP:

  • Private Scholarships
  • Private Loans

Outcome will be determined and sent to the student via their My.Hancock email address within 2-3 weeks of submission of a complete SAP appeal.

Note: Incomplete submissions should expect a longer time frame as they will be pended until requested documentation is received. Once a student submits all additional required documentation, the outcome will be determined within 2-3 weeks from that time.