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Concurrent Enrollment

Take college classes at your high school

Concurrent Enrollment (CE) refers to college-credit bearing courses taught to high school students by college-approved high school teachers at the high school campus. Concurrent Enrollment courses are school-specific.
For a full list of classes offered at your school, please contact your high school counselor.

Concurrent Enrollment is different than College Now! (courses which are held at AHC campuses or online after high school hours). If interested in the College Now! courses click on this link College Now!

The Concurrent Enrollment program supports the overall Allan Hancock College (AHC) mission of providing quality educational opportunities that enhance student learning and the creative, intellectual, cultural and economic vitality of our diverse community.

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Concurrent enrollment is open to high school students in grades 9 through 12 enrolling in a maximum of 6 units each semester.
Please refer to the list of participating local high schools or contact your school.

Concurrent Enrollment students shall:

  • Be subject to all of the College Now! Terms and Conditions eligibility standards.
  • Meet any college prerequisites for the college course.
  • Maintain an AHC 2.00 grade point average

Steps to Enrollment

  • Contact your high school counselor for courses offered at your high school.
  • Complete an online AHC Application for Admission

Steps to Registration

Follow these Instructions to create an account and select your courses for Concurrent Enrollment. PLEASE NOTE: Requests for courses take approximately 1 week to clear. Students will receive an email notification from DualEnroll when they have been approved and cleared to register. If the course request is denied, please check your DualEnroll account and email used to create your account for the reason.

Dualenroll login

Step 1: Students will create accounts and select courses for Concurrent Enrollment.

Step 2: Parents will receive an email and/or text message to provide consent for their student to take Dual Enrollment and/or Concurrent Enrollment courses.

Step 3: The college will review each student account and send notifications to the student or their district if corrections are needed.

Step 4: The high school or district will review student accounts, provide documentation as needed, and approve the student for Dual Enrollment and/or Concurrent Enrollment.

Step 5: Students approved for Dual Enrollment courses will be registered and then notified. Students approved for Concurrent Enrollment courses will be cleared and then notified that they can register for courses.

All high school students requesting Concurrent Enrollment courses will not be able to register until Open Registration. All of the steps above must be completed before students will be able to register.

Student PDF Tutorial

Counselor PDF Tutorial

Student Video Tutorial

Counselor Video Tutorial

The enrollment fee is waived for most high school students taking a concurrent enrollment course.
Verify expenses with your high school counselor.

Have questions? Check out our FAQ webpage!



Thomas Lamica 
Dean Academic Affairs 
K-12 Partnerships
805-922-6966 ext 3261

Alicia Delgadillo
Early College Coordinator 
Academic Affairs 
805-922-6966 ext 3205