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Concurrent Enrollment

Take college classes at your high school

Concurrent Enrollment (CE) refers to college-credit bearing courses taught to high school students by college-approved high school teachers at the high school campus. Concurrent Enrollment courses are school-specific.
For a full list of classes offered at your school, please contact your high school counselor.

Concurrent Enrollment is different than College Now! (courses which are held at AHC campuses or online after high school hours). If interested in the College Now! courses click on this link College Now!

The Concurrent Enrollment program supports the overall Allan Hancock College (AHC) mission of providing quality educational opportunities that enhance student learning and the creative, intellectual, cultural and economic vitality of our diverse community.



Concurrent enrollment is open to high school students in grades 9 through 12 enrolling in a maximum of 6 units each semester.
Please refer to the list of participating local high schools or contact your school.

Concurrent Enrollment students shall:

  • Be subject to all of the College Now! eligibility standards, which are stated with the Concurrent Enrollment Petition for Enrollment form.
  • Meet any college prerequisites for the college course.
  • Maintain an AHC 2.00 grade point average

Steps to Enrollment

* A Concurrent Enrollment Appeal Form may be submitted for:

  • Students requesting to enroll in more than 6 units (this includes units approved via the College Now! program)
  • Continuing Students who have not maintained a 2.00 AHC grade point average

Students will be assessed using the same methods (e.g., papers, portfolios, quizzes, labs, etc.) as students in on-campus section.

Registration Checklist for Students 

The enrollment fee is waived for most high school students taking a concurrent enrollment course.
Verify expenses with your high school counselor.



Julia Sokolovska
Early College Coordinator
805-922-6966 ext 3354

Thomas J. Lamica
Project Director, K-12 Partnerships, CWE,
Career Development, Concurrent Enrollment 
Career Center Building A, Room A-207  
805-922-6966 ext.3820