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Hello MESA/STEM Students ~ Fall 2022!

We hope you had a great summer and are off to a great start with your semester.  We are SUPER EXCITED to see all your faces at the MESA/STEM Academic Success Center in building M500.   In order to best serve you, we wanted to remind you of a few important items of business as you journey along your fall 2022 term.  If you have not had a chance to utilize the MESA/STEM website regularly, please get in the habit of checking it at least every two weeks for news and important information.  Please visit our website at  

  • The MESA/STEM Academic Success Center is open Monday through Wednesday 9AM – 7PM; Thursday 9AM – 7PM; and Friday 9AM – 4PM (thank you to Bryce for extending our hours to 7PM four nights a week!).  When arriving in the center, please make sure to log in at our computer kiosk.
  • We are offering Drop-in Tutoring, Review Sessions, and Organized Study Groups to help you succeed and earn higher grades in your STEM courses. The Drop-in Tutoring is offered both in-person in Building M-500 as well as remotely over Zoom. The Review Sessions and Organized Study Groups are only available in person at this time. The Zoom link and schedule for our tutoring services is available on our website.
  • All continuing MESA students were mailed a letter from Christine Reed in late June 2022.   This is a very important letter and is mailed out annually.  It contains your personal MESA “To-Do List.”  It is your responsibility as a MESA student to take care of your “To-Do List.” All students have items that require action with deadline dates. If you have misplaced it, we have a copy in your file – just ask Dorine for a copy.
  • If you haven’t met with Christine or Angelica (MESA/STEM Counselors) recently, please make an appointment to do so.  It is important that every MESA student meet with one of them sometime between August and December to verify you are on track academically.  To schedule an appointment please visit our website.
  • The MESA/STEM Activities schedule for the current term is posted to our website. It is required that all MESA students attend at least three activities/workshops within the term. All MESA/STEM workshops will be hosted over Zoom and in-person (hybrid format), where we will be taking attendance and keeping a digital record of your MESA involvement. If you are experiencing difficulties attending, you must notify us and explain your circumstances. I think you will find the workshops to be a valuable use of your time. Please view our 'Calendar of Services and Events' on our website.
  • If you are planning to transfer to university fall 2023, please check your email regularly for updates and deadline notifications from the MESA/STEM programs and the universities.  Make sure to stay connected to the MESA/STEM program as you prepare to transition to the next level (exciting!).  MESA/STEM and the University Transfer Center will be holding a variety of workshops throughout the term regarding UC/CSU applications, Personal Insight Question Development, and financial aid/scholarships to help facilitate your transfer.  The deadline to apply to university is November 30, 2022, but we encourage all our students to file their application before Thanksgiving break. 
  • We are “re-starting” are E5 program – Enticing, Engaging, and Empowering Emerging Engineers – designed to support women pursuing engineering degrees.  If you are interested in joining, please reach out to Angelica in the MESA/STEM Academic Success Center.

We look forward to hearing from all of you wonderful people in MESA/STEM.  If there is anything we can do to help you have a great semester, please feel free to let us know. Take Care and Happy Fall 2022!