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E5 - Enticing, Engaging and Empowering Emerging Engineers

The E5−Enticing, Engaging, and Empowering Emerging Engineers program at Allan Hancock College provides female engineering students with the support and resources to successfully transfer to a four- year university and achieve their full potential as engineers and as leaders. Through peer, faculty, university, and industry partnerships, the E5 program connects students to a PA2TH network supporting their professional and academic advancement.

PA2T H Network Professional & Academic Advancement for Technical Females at Hancock College

  • Professional networking
  • Peer and faculty support
  • Mentorship and skill development
  • Career advancement activities
  • Scholarship and internship opportunities

Upcoming Events 
Please join us on November 18, 2022 at 4:30 pm in M500 for our E5 mixer!

  • Meet and greet with AHC female engineering majors and Guest Speaker.
  • Guest Speaker : Esther Lopez Cruz– AHC and Cal Poly Alum – Civil Engineering, Engineer at Cannon in San Luis Obispo, CA

E5 Mixer RSVP

For more information please contact Angelica Eulloqui at .

Resources for Women in Engineering

Society of Women Engineers – Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Primary factors why females feel they succeed in Engineering

Christine Reed, Fall 2016 sabbatical research project

  • They believe there is no option of failure; they must accomplish their goal to provide a better future for their family and themselves
  • They believe that if they work hard, anything is possible; it's not a matter of predetermined natural talent
  • They believe in their ability to overcome challenges and finish what they start
  • They don’t accept prevailing cultural norms as limitations or let it affect their confidence levels, but use it as a driving force
  • They are comfortable being an outsider and of the minority
  • They recognize that finding interest in certain topics of engineering serve as reminders of their passion for the profession
  • They engage in resources and strong support systems
  • They have other females to lean on and for which they can gain strength and motivation

cesiaI experienced different communication styles many times between my male peers and me. It just didn’t seem to match. But they needed diversity – a woman’s perspective. They needed a splash of pink in the project. And it paid off in the grade we received as a team.

Cesia Cazares
AHC MESA/Cal Poly MESA Alum Mechanical Engineering

Spring 2018 AHC Female Engineering Students Attend: WIN THE FUTURE

by Christine Reed, MESA Counselor/Coordinator

On March 17 2018, five Allan Hancock College female students studying engineering attended the fourth annual Silicon Valley Women in Engineering conference titled WIN THE FUTURE. This one-day learning and networking experience for students, professors, and women leaders is hosted by San Jose State University and is packed with conferenceTech Talks, professional development workshops, career panels, and an Innovation Showcase. Keynote speakers included Maggie Johnson - Director of Education at Google, Darlene Solomon – Chief Technology Officer at Agilent Technologies, and Lakecia Gunter – Chief of Staff & Technical Assistant to CEO at Intel.

Workshops offered learning experiences on assertive communication, winning future jobs, interpersonal skills in the workplace, negotiations skills, and planning for career success. Information was presented on emerging technologies such as energy generation and management, cybersecurity, wearable and medical devices, augmented/virtual reality, disaster response and warning, smart transportation, next-generation diagnostics, artificial intelligence, smart homes and manufacturing, and personalized medicine.

For more information on this conference visit