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Institutional Data

Tableau Public (all access)

Program Data
Enrollment/FTES/FTEF/Success & Retention/Degrees & Certificates

SLO Data Academic Affairs

SLO Data Student Services
Learning Outcome Data for Comprehensive Program Review

High School Data - Local Feeder High Schools
Data used for annual high school roundtable

Concurrent Enrollment & High School Headcount

AHC Equity Data
Equity data by demographics using Percentage Point Gap method

Registration Report Summary

Tableau Server (password access)

Enrollment & Waitlist
Data to use while building your schedule for future terms

Scheduling Data
FTES, FTEF, Efficiency

Course Simulation (power app)
Change enrollment & FTEF and see impact on productivity

Course Heatmap
Heatmap of course begin times and days

August Registrations/Drops
Daily registrations/drops for August with filters

Registration Report Detail

Non-Credit Positive Attendance Hours
For definitions of common data terms, see Data Definitions.