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Guided Pathways Data

The Guided Pathways framework is an institution-wide approach to creating clear educational pathways to career or transfer, by supporting students from connection to transition, and removing barriers so that all students can be successful. This framework also provides a connection to key performance indicators that help assess progress towards college goals. 
To use the Guided Pathways dashboards click on the student journey phase.

Student Journey







Initial Interest through Submission of Application

Perspective Students

  • Number of applications per year
  • Capture Rate (% of applicants that enroll)
  • High school going-rate

Overall Students

  • Headcount
  • Demographics

First-time Students

  • Headcount
  • Demographics
  • Majors
  • Student Education Plans (SEP)
  • Financial Aid

Enrollment Through Completion of "Gatekeeper" Courses

First Term Outcomes

  • Number of units attempted and earned
  • Percent of students earning 6/12/15 units

First Academic Year Outcomes

  • Number of units attempted and earned
  • Percent of students earning 15/24/30 units
  • Percent of students earning 9 or more CTE units

Student Persistence at AHC

  • Percent fall to spring persistence
  • Percent fall to fall persistence

Transfer Level English/Math

Entry into Course of Study through Completion of 75% of Requirements

Yearly Outcomes

  • Retention % in college-level courses
  • Success % in college-level courses
  • Special population headcount

Transfer-Ready Outcomes

  • Earn 45+ units within two academic years
  • Transfer-ready headcount
  • Transfer-ready within three academic years

Complete Course of Study through Earning a Credential with Labor Market Value


  • Number of degrees earned (unduplicated)
  • Number of certificates earned (unduplicated)
  • 3-year grad rate
  • Time to degree for first degree earned
  • Number of units attempted and earned for first degree

Movement to Four-Year University or to Workplace with Living Wage


  • Number of students transferring to a 4-year school
  • Percent of transfers that were within three years
  • Time to transfer (in years)
  • Number of units attempted and earned for transfer students


  • CTEOS Outcomes Survey