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Program Services

How does the program help motivate students?

As part of the academic program, participants work with college tutors, who often become positive role models for Cal-SOAP participants. Motivational support is provided by: 

Tutors/peer advisors

The tutor/peer advisors are college students who are often from backgrounds similar to those of the students and with whom the students can identify. These college tutors and peer advisors understand where the students are coming from and the challenges they experience. Tutors/peer advisors will meet with students in a classroom or college/career center and provide academic or advisement assistance. Cal-SOAP tutors are placed at either high schools, or youth centers. They work with students to encourage them to be academically successful so that they can be eligible to attend a college or university. Tutors are supervised by Cal-SOAP site coordinators and on-site staff that help coordinate our collaboration efforts. Cal-SOAP strives to establish strong connections between the schools we service and local colleges and universities. 

How does Cal-SOAP help students learn more about colleges?

As part of the advisement program, Cal-SOAP offers activities that increase knowledge among students and their parents about college preparation and financial aid availability. At Cal-SOAP sponsored events, tutors/peer advisors provide information to students and parents on admissions, financial aid, and support services. Students may also receive help with completing college applications and admission forms. Tutors/peer advisors are available to meet with students in groups as well as in individual sessions at school sites to tutor primarily core subjects such as English, Math, and Science. Additional services include: 

  • Career planning
  • Financial aid information and assistance
  • College and career fairs