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Fine wines made by our students

winery sign

In 2014, we opened the doors of our brand new, winery on the main campus of the Allan Hancock Community College. The winery was an integral part of the $17.6 million Industrial Arts Complex on campus. Funding and support for the winery comes from wine sales and from the generosity of the Allan Hancock College Viticulture and Enology Foundation.   

From day one, we watched with pride as our students did everything, from managing the vineyard to harvesting the grapes to producing the wine and bottling the final product. Our winning combination of academic learning and hands-on experience is best experienced by enjoying a glass of our fine wines.  

Ric Fuller, our vineyard manager and Vineyard Operations instructor, oversees our campus vineyard. With nearly 40 years of vineyard management experience, Ric brings a practical, hands-on approach to vineyard management. The vineyard spans about four acres west of the campus, next to the College baseball and softball fields. Grapes from this vineyard are harvested to produce student-made wine. The revenue generated from wine and grape sales cover operational costs for the agribusiness program, vineyard, and winery.

Historical Timeline


Old signBeginning

Allan Hancock College starts Viticulture and Enology Program


Lab equipmentWinery Opens

Allan Hancock College opens fully-bonded winery


Red wineFirst Vintage

Hancock Winery releases Pinot noir, Syrah, Chardonnay, Torrontes, and Albarino from its own vineyard


Wines with awardsAwards

Three wines take home medals at the Orange County Fair. Five wines include high marks from Wine Enthusiast magazine including 91 points and "Editor's Choice" for Pinot noir