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Course Tutoring List

The Tutorial Center offers tutoring for most courses offered at AHC.  Depending on tutor availability, the list of available subjects changes each semester.  If you do not see your course listed below, please contact us at with your course information. We will try to find a peer tutor for your course.

*Course Offerings Can Change Based On Demand*

Course Offerings Will Be Updated for Fall 2023 soon.

Available Tutoring Subjects, SPRING 2023


ACCT 105   BASK7013   ENGL112   MATH141S  
ACCT 131   BASK7014   ENGL131   MATH181  
ACCT 132   BASK7015   ENGL138   MATH182  
AJ101   BIOL100   ENGL146   MMAC125  
ANTH101   BIOL128   FSN109   MUS100  
ANTH102   BIOL132   GEOG101   PD100  
ANTH103   BIOL150   GEOG102   PHYS110  
ANTH110   BIOL154   HED100   PHYS142  
ART101   BUS101   HIST101   PHYS161  
ART110   BUS110   HIST102   POLS101  
ART115   CHEM120   HIST104   POLS103  
ART120   CHEM150   HIST105   POLS104  
ASL120   CHEM151   HIST107   PSY101  
ASL121   CS102   HIST108   PSY112  
BASK7004A   CS111   MATH100   PSY117  
BASK7005   CS112   MATH121   SOC101  
BASK7005B   ECON101   MATH123   SPAN101  
BASK7006A   ENGL100   MATH123S   SPCH101  
BASK7008A   ENGL101   MATH131   SPCH102  
BASK7011   ENGL102   MATH131S    
BASK7011B   ENGL103   MATH135   SPCH108  
BASK7012   ENGL106   MATH141   SPCH110