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Financial Wellness Workshops

As part of developing institutional capacity to address budget and credit enrollment threats, the California Community College Chancellor’s Office and Allan Hancock College are partnering to provide interactive money management professional development workshops for faculty, staff and students. These engaging workshops are designed to enable participants to become comfortable in their own personal financial foundation.

Staff and faculty workshops are geared to help participants gain an understanding into the basics of becoming a financial educator by:

  1. disseminating information about the basics of financial planning;
  2. exploring common financial issues faced by students;
  3. preparing participants to have informed conversations concerning money-related matters with Allan Hancock College students.

Student workshops will enable student ambassadors and other peer leaders to listen for and respond intentionally and usefully about financial issues faced by Allan Hancock College students.


Workshops are generally 90-minutes long and conducted at various times throughout the semester. Currently, all workshops are presented via Zoom. Participants who complete the entire series will receive a Certificate of Completion from the California Community College Chancellor's Office.

Topics covered include:  

The next series is to take place during Summer/Fall 2021. Please contact Maria Grando at, Title V Grant Coordinator, if you have any questions.

Workshops are generally 1-hour long and conducted during various times throughout the semester. Currently, all workshops are presented via Zoom.

Topics covered include:  

Please contact Maria Grando, Title V Grant Coordinator, if you have any questions or would like to schedule a workshop.


Please check out our latest workshop recording, an updated presentation about the Psychology of Money Spring 2022.

Additional initiatives and activities that pertain to the Financial Literacy/Wellness Initiative include:

  • Training Certified Financial Educators;
  • Texting/Emails with money management tips to students;
  • Canvas-based Money Management course;
  • Additional web-based personal financial wellness resources for prospective students and their families.