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Title V Professional Development

Developing Programming to Improve Equitable Outcomes

"Hancock Academy" creates a brave space for faculty to explore, discuss, and collaborate with colleagues about topics related to developing culturally responsive pedagogy. Faculty are encouraged to participate in this Canvas-based professional development series that offers a 12-hour stipend or PD hours based off successful completion of the course.

Please contact Maria Grando (, Title V Grant Coordinator, to learn more!

Beginning Fall 2021, faculty began participating in professional development activities to build competency in cultural awareness, application andragogy, and career planning/awareness. 

Short and long-term outcomes are listed:

  • a development of a peer-to-peer faculty professional development network;
  • increased cultural responsiveness in curriculum and teaching practice with application of increased pedagogy;
  • increased retention and persistence;
  • decrease drop-outs;
  • increased cultural awareness reflection in curriculum and practice.

  • Introduction to Equity in the Classroom
  • Accessibility in Higher Education
  • Pedagogy and Innovation in the Classroom
  • Financial Wellness
  • Moving Forward with Equity
  • Equity in the Classroom
  • Developing Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

Please contact Maria Grando if you are interested in learning more.