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Second-Year Promise Student

HP2Our guidance does not end after your first year!

The expanded two-year Hancock Promise (otherwise known as HP2) will provide any local student who completed their high school education within the Allan Hancock Joint Community College District (AHJCCD) AND immediately enrolled at AHC in the preceding summer OR fall and spring semesters with the opportunity to get their second year of tuition free at Allan Hancock College. Students who are home-schooled or completed their GED through a local adult education program within the district (GED and HiSET graduates) are also eligible. Qualified students will not have to pay tuition or required lab and class fees. The first inaugural class of the HP2 is the high school graduating class of 2023.

Hancock Promise Awarding:

Awards will be posted only once all of the HP2 awarding requirements are met. You can review the eligibility criteria for HP2 in the section "AM I ELIGIBLE".

Summer Tuition and Fees- Hancock Promise awards will begin posting 1-2 weeks after summer classes have started

Fall Tuition and Fees- Hancock Promise awards will begin posting 3-4 weeks after fall classes have started

Winter/Spring Tuition and Fees- Hancock Promise awards will begin posting 3-4 weeks after spring classes have started

Students should review these eligibility requirements carefully to ensure they are eligible for the expanded Hancock Promise. If there are questions about eligibility, please contact Hancock Promise by e-mail at or by phone at 805-922-6966 ext. 3264.

You can also text your question to  805-849-2349.

Please note that current AHC Hancock Promise students in their first year who were part of the 2023 high school graduating class, successfully completed all of the Hancock Promise first-year requirements, and meet the eligibility requirements below are the first students who are eligible for the expanded two-year Hancock Promise.

  1. Completed English 101 with a "C" grade or better*
  2. Completed a 100 level 3-unit math course with a "C" grade or better*
  3. Completed 24 or more units**
  4. Must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 by the end of the spring semester.
  5. Completed a Comprehensive Student Education Plan (CSEP)
  6. Submitted a 2024-2025 FAFSA/CADAA

*Students who are enrolled in a certificate program that does NOT require math or English will be exempt from the Math and English Requirement.  (The student must have a CSEP on file and be following the courses required for the certificate program to maintain exemption.)

**Students who complete math and English by the end of summer 2024 may appeal to the Dean of Student Services to have their Promise Year 2 award starting with the Fall semester.

Items 1 through 3 must be completed no later than the end of spring 2024. Students should complete their CSEP and their application for financial aid no later than July 31, 2024.

Complete your Comprehensive Student Education Plan (CSEP) by July 31 to be eligible for the expanded two-year Hancock Promise.  A comprehensive SEP is a semester-by-semester plan created with an AHC counselor listing all the courses you will need to reach your educational goal. 

- You can also make an appointment by calling the Counseling office 805- 922-6966 ext. 3293.

To ensure that you are considered for the maximum state financial aid grants, you MUST apply by Tuesday, April 2, 2024.

Complete the FAFSA, visit OR complete the CA Dream Act, visit


Find and attend a Cash for College workshop at a location convenient for you at

To complete either application, you will need the following if applicable:

  • Student & Parent/Adoptive Parents’ Social Security Number (SSN) if you have one
  • Student & Parent/Adoptive Parents’ 2022 W-2’s & 2022 tax returns
  • Student & Parent/Adoptive Parents’ birth dates
  • Student & Parent/Adoptive Parents’ personal email address

Class search opens April 8, 2024. Registration opens late April 2024 for summer and fall semesters. CLASSES FILL QUICKLY SO REGISTER EARLY!

Check My Registration Date on myHancock under the “Registration” tab for your registration date.

When you register, refer to your comprehensive student education plan (CSEP) which can be found in Degree Works in your “Plans” tab.

Promise Reminders:
You must register for at least 12 units each semester, both fall and spring. Although not required, we  strongly recommend you register for summer courses as well. All summer courses are covered by the Hancock Promise.

Students interested in applying to transfer should begin visiting the University Transfer Center in EARLY FALL 2024 to ask about application timelines.

Each school and university has their own requirements depending on the major, so meeting with a counselor is necessary to ensure you have met all transfer requirements.

Students intending to graduate in May 2025 should meet with a counselor in EARLY FALL 2024 to ensure they are meeting all AHC graduation requirements.

Apply for Receive a Degree or Certificate

Prepare to Transfer

Find a Job

Starting in November 2024, students should use their Comprehensive Student Education Plan (CSEP) located in DegreeWorks to enroll in Winter/Spring 2025 courses.

To continue receiving the Hancock Promise for the winter/spring semesters, students must still be in good academic standing and enrolled in at least 12 units.

Spring 2025 is the last semester for which Hancock Promise can be applied for second year Hancock Promise students. After this semester, students will have to rely on other sources of financial aid. All steps must be in completed status no later than Friday, May 9, 2025 for the final Hancock Promise 2 awarding that will conclude on Friday, May 16, 2025.