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Digitization Request Form

Please go through the following checklist before completing the digitization request: 

  1. Fall 2021 Digitization Requests will be available only for students who are unable to visit the library in person.
  2. Check to see if your book is available through the National Emergency Library. 
  3. If your book is not available there, does your instructor have a PDF of the book or sections of it posted on Canvas?
  4.  If you do not see your textbook on the above site and do not have a PDF of it, please fill out the form below.
Borrower Information
Please indicate who you are:
Book Request - Chapters or page numbers requested
Magazine or Journal Article
Briefly describe which course this textbook is for and which chapter of the textbook you need at this time. Please limit requests to up to three chapters per request. Will you be filling out additional chapters/pages at a later time? If so, please specify what you will be requesting in the future, so staff can begin preparing.