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Volunteer as a Gallery Docent

Thank you for your interest in becoming an arts docent volunteer!
We welcome all who want to volunteer and are grateful to our Hancock and Central Coast Community for supporting the arts here on the coast. The Ann Foxworthy is a public art space and we hope all feel welcome to come enjoy and be inspired and learn around the art in our exhibits.

What would I do as a docent?
As a museum docent for the Ann Foxworthy Gallery you will welcome gallery visitors, and help answer questions. There will be educational and informational materials available in the gallery for docents to share with gallery visitors about the exhibit. 

How do I become familiar with the exhibits?
The Ann Foxworthy will have a session for volunteer docents in the Fall before the exhibit where you will get a chance to see the artworks in the upcoming exhibit and learn about the artists on display to share with the gallery visitors. Educational and informational materials will be available in the gallery to docents to share with gallery visitors about the exhibit. 

What’s next?
The Gallery Coordinator will contact you. Prior to an exhibit we will have sessions both online and in person and recorded to help familiarize you with our exhibit and materials will be provided to docents to help answer any questions gallery visitors might have. 

Volunteer to be a Gallery Docent for Sanchez Collection Chicano Art Exhibit

Volunteer to be a Gallery Docent for the Tibetan Monk Mandala