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Pay it Forward

Last year, Hancock employees helped Pay it Forward and started new scholarships at the AHC Foundation – including the Financial Aid department who pooled their resources and created a $500 annual scholarship for veterans — all for just a $5 per month payroll deduction!

This year, their scholarship was awarded to Rebecca Martinez—a Marine Corps veteran and mother of two from Lompoc. Check out her story:


Hancock scholarships can help fill the gap for students who need the extra support. 

Here's how you can "Pay it Forward" today:

Start by filling out a donor participation form. Not ready to fund your own? Team up with your office or department and start one together!

You can make a gift online to any existing scholarship or program. Give once, or set up automatic recurring payments.

Any staff or faculty can easily make monthly gifts via payroll deduction. Fill out the payroll deduction form and forward to the AHC Foundation -

Consider increasing your gift - even an extra $5 per month can make a huge impact. 


Contact us at the Foundation office and we can help! Send an email to or call x3621 for more information. 


 Thank you to all who support our students and programs!