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How to Give


A gift of cash can be in the form of personal check, credit card, cash, or cashier's check. Plus, if you would like to make your contribution using an automatic payment system (ACH), the foundation office can assist you in setting up that program. This automatic payment system gives you the opportunity to spread your annual contribution over twelve months with automatic monthly transfers from your bank directly to the AHC Foundation.

Many times employers will match your charitable gift to your nonprofit of choice through their charitable gift program. Remember to ask your employer if they have a "matching charitable gift" program.



Donors can name the Allan Hancock College Foundation as beneficiary of a life insurance policy or donate a policy currently owned to the foundation. If the donor continues to pay the premiums on the policy to the foundation after the gift is made, the payments will be tax deductible. To find out more about how to make a large gift to the foundation through a smaller gift. Please contact the foundation office at 805-925-2004.

Appreciated Stocks, Bonds, and Real Estate

Significant tax savings may be available to you by giving appreciated stock. You avoid capital gains fax on the increase in value of the stock, and, you can receive a charitable tax deduction for the full fair market value of the stock at the time the gift is made 

The foundation accepts gifts of property. Significant tax savings may be possible by donating a residence, vacation home, far, acreage, or vacant land.
For more information on making a gift of appreciated stock, jewelry, or other appreciated assets please contact the foundation office at 805-925-2004.