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Counseling Team

The Counseling Team are here to help you find your way through AHC and support you in completing your educational goals. 

Dean, Student Services

Oversees the Counseling Department.

Yvonne Teniente-Cuello
(pronouns: Her, Hers, She)
805-922-6966 ext 3631

Administrative Support Staff

Brent Dionisio
Office Service Assistant
805-922-6966 ext 3631

Laura Leon
Administrative Assistant II
805-922-6966 ext 3613 

Administrative Assistant III
805-922-6966 ext 3293   


Counseling Assistant

Assists with: Processing counseling appeals (pre/co-requisite, excessive course attempt, College Now, concurrent enrollment, and requests for excess units), coordinates Launch to College events, and other orientation events.

Monica Maldonado
805-922-6966 ext 3846

Retention Specialists

Assists with: Providing support to students through the Early Alert and Probation Program. 

To schedule an appointment with a Retention Specialist, call the Counseling Department at 805-922-6966 ext. 3293.

Sara Galindo
805-922-6966 ext 3237 

Gemma Garcia
805-922-6966 ext 3783 

Outreach Specialists

Assist with: Providing support to Hancock Promise students with the admission and class registration process, provide general financial aid information, process concurrent enrollment and College Now paperwork from the local high schools, and assist with outreach activities. 

To schedule an appointment with an Outreach Specialist, call the Counseling Department at 805-922-6966 ext. 3293.

Carlos Escobedo
805-922-6966 ext 3632 

Oscar Escobedo
805-922-6966 ext 3632 

Victor Rodriguez
805-922-6966 ext 3625

Fabian Mendoza
805-922-6966 ext 3938 

Counselors | Personal Development Instructor

Counselors are here to help you get on the right path to reach your academic and career goals.  Counselors can assist you with developing a Student Education Plan, Transfer Planning, Career Planning, Campus and Community Referrals, Academic Standing Counseling, and Student Success Strategies.  At AHC, you are not assigned a counselor.  We recommend you find a counselor you work well with.  You may see any counselor, the choice is yours!

  1. Phone: Call the Counseling Department at 805-922-6966 ext.3293, or
  2. Online: Use the Successnet link below to schedule an appointment.

Schedule a Counseling Appointment 


Ben Britten
Department Chair/General Counselor
805-922-6966 ext 3942

Héctor Álvarez 
General Counselor

805-922-6966 ext 3462 

Maria Arvizu-Rodriguez
University Transfer Counselor

805-922-6966 ext 3210 

Lynn Becerra-Valencia
Personal Development Instructor
805-922-6966 ext. 3414 

Ashley Brackett
University Transfer Counselor

805-922-6966 ext 3549 

Lainey Campos 
Athletics Counselor
805-922-6966 ext 3449 

Henry Davis
General Counselor
805-922-6966 ext. 3925 

Cynthia Diaz
General Counselor
805-922-6966 ext 3708

Clint Freeland
General Counselor

805-922-6966 ext 3565 

Elisha Francis
General Counselor
805-922-6966 ext 3293

David Hernandez
Career Counselor

805-922-6966 ext 3707 

Beverly Garcia
General Counselor
805-922-6966 ext 3292

José Millán
General Counselor

805-922-6966 ext 3678 


Mayra Morales
Non-Credit Counselor
805-922-6966 ext 3336

Michelle Machado
General Counselor
805-922-6966 ext 3293

Krystle Navarrette
Career Counselor

805-922-6966 ext 3811 

Ricardo Navarrette
Puente Counselor

805-922-6966 ext 3634 

Edualdo Peña-Rico
General Counselor

805-922-6966 ext 3814 

Carissa Perales
General Counselor
805-922-6966 ext 5261

Antonio Ramirez
General Counselor
805-922-6966 ext 5268 

Veronica Sánchez
University Transfer Counselor

805-922-6966 ext 3429

Brooke Souza
General Counselor

805-922-6966 ext 3838 

Ashleigh Valero
General Counselor
805-922-6966 ext 3293 

Julie Vasques
General Counselor

805-922-6966 ext 3366 

Dayana Zepeda De Rosas
Non-Credit Counselor
805-922-6966 ext 3743 

Christina Wright-Morgan
General Counselor
805-922-6966 ext 3702