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Photo of 2022-2023 ASBG

The Associated Student Body Government of Allan Hancock College will strive to:

  • Represent the needs, interests, and perspectives of AHC students at every level of decision making within the college, to regional and state organizations, and nationally as necessary and appropriate to promote and encourage student success;
  • Provide students with opportunities to engage in learning and leadership, as well as governing processes and parliamentary procedure;
  • Support a vibrant student life on campus consisting of extracurricular activities and events that encourage cultural diversity, unity, and college pride in order to enhance the general welfare and academic success of AHC students.
Title Name Email Address
President Samantha Martinez 
Executive Vice President vacant  
Student Trustee Oscar Rivera 
Executive Director Tania Salinas 
Executive Secretary Maria Farias 
Vice President of Finance Daniel Alvarez Salcedo 
Vice President of External Affairs vacant  
Director of Student Organizations Lucy Ramos Zamora 
Director of Academic Affairs vacant   
Directors of Public Relations Dominic Nunez 
Director of Student Advocacy Isabella Garcia  
Director of Campus Environment  vacant   
Director of  Legislative Affairs vacant   
Director of Student Outreach  vacant