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Curriculum Development

Initial Considerations

The development and implementation of sound curriculum takes approximately one academic year. The AP&P Committee calculates that the initial development of curriculum proposals, prior to submitting the actually proposal, usually takes between 8-10 weeks, and sometimes even more. Thus, initiators are encouraged to start their work a semester ahead of their proposed time frame for presenting a COMPLETE curriculum proposal to the AP&P Committee.

The quality and integrity of curriculum are first and foremost. New curriculum proposals must:

  • be compatible with the philosophy and mission of the college
  • respond to or reflect community or student needs
  • have available resources
  • meet curriculum standards

Curriculum Development Resource Materials

Local Curriculum Development Resource Materials

CurriQunet Meta

What is CurriQunet Meta?  CurriQunet Meta  is a Web-based software application that automates the development and review of curriculum through an automatic workflow system. The system creates a searchable database of both current and archived course and program outlines. Effective fall 2014, all curriculum proposals are launched in the college's CurriQunet workflow system for review by the Academic Policy and Planning (AP&P) committee.  Click here to access CurriQunet Meta (log-in required). 

Technical Review Committee (TRC)

Course and program proposals submitted for review will first be reviewed by the Technical Review Committee. Faculty may also contact a member of the TRC committee for assistance with creating a proposal in CurriQunet.

TRC Committee Chair: Dave DeGroot

Dave DeGroot ext. 3713
Dereck Mitchem ext.3563
Brent Darwin ext. 3473
Andria Keiser ext. 3701
Deborah Pirman ext. 3246