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Curriculum Proposal Review and Approval Process

New Proposals and Major Modifications 

New curriculum proposals and major modifications to courses and programs require a full review by the curriculum committee.  New curriculum proposals should be well planned with special attention to established processes and deadlines prior to submitting in CurricUnet.  Major modifications to a course outline of record can be compared to writing an integrated course outline and/or leveling courses in that the modifications being proposed trigger a complete analysis of the course outline.  (The Course Outline of Record: A Curriculum Reference Guide,  ASCCCC, 2008).

Minor Modifications 

Minor modifications to a program or course outline of record will be reviewed  by the curriculum committee and placed on the consent agenda. A minor modification proposal may be submitted if the modification(s) do not substantially change the overall scope of the course, or program, and do not materially affect the standards (statutory or regulatory) by which the course was approved.  Minor revisions will be pre-screened prior to being placed on the consent agenda for committee action and vote.  It will be the purview of the AP&P Committee to remove any minor modification proposal from the consent agenda to place on the regular agenda for further review and discussion.  

Local Review and Approval Processes