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Sustainability Accomplishments

What Hancock has done so far in its sustainability efforts

  • Established architectural, viticulture, and gardening classes offer new technology education for sustainability"

  • Diverted 5 tons of green waste from the landfill each month

  • Installed a water bottle fill station at bldg. K, with future installations planned at SM and LVC campuses

  • Enlisted to recycle used oil, Hazmat, and universal waste

  • Established a community garden

  • Installed four raised planter beds in the Children’s Center, so children can cultivate and eat their own produce

  • Installed solar panels in the Children’s Center and IT buildings on the roofs that supply electricity for those locations, and a solar field is in the works at the LVC

  • Received a LEED Gold certification for the Student Services Center, Early Childhood Studies Child Care Center, and a Silver certification for the Public Safety Training Complex

  • Recyled all construction waste including concrete

  • Switched from domestic water to untreated well water in Oct. 2015 for the college’s sports fields, which netted a savings of $93,000. In 2016, the north half of the campus will be switched to the untreated well water, with a forecasted savings of $55,000

  • Ensured that the majority of irrigation controllers on campus are weather-based

  • Initiated a new software system called Arbor Pro, which identifies all trees on campus and the health of the trees for maximum carbon offset

  • Replaced all air handlers, ventilation systems, and boilers with high-efficient low-energy systems