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Procedure for Active Shooter on Campus

Active Shooter Guidebook

Active Shooter on Campus Training Video (given at all-staff day 1/17/14)

Be alert of suspicious situations and report them to the AHC Police Department, ext. 3911  (Santa Maria Campus), or ext. 5911 (Lompoc Valley Center). From your cell phone, call  Santa Maria Police Dispatch at 925-2631, or Lompoc Police Dispatch at 736-4511.

If you witness or hear gunfire on campus, take the actions outlined below immediately:


I f you see a subject with a firearm, see a subject firing a weapon, or hear gunfire on campus, lock your door and call the police. From your office or desk phone, dial 911. If you are on a cell phone, dial 925-2631 (Santa Maria) or 736-4511 (Lompoc). Dialing 911 from a cell phone reaches the regional CHP dispatch center (San Luis Obispo) and they will transfer you to the local police, which creates a delay in emergency response.

Local police agencies will notify the AHC Police Department as soon as possible.

Supply the AHC Police Department with the following information:

  1. Nature of incident
  2. Specific location of incident, e.g., west side of building “A”
  3. Description of person(s) involved
  4. Direction of travel, etc.
  5. Location of victims and extent of their injuries

Supply the police personnel with all pertinent information. Ask other witnesses to do the same.

Red and Green Cards

Attached to the yellow Emergency Procedures Flip-Chart  in your office are GREEN and RED Cards.  Usage instructions are:

  • Account for all your students and AHC staff. To signal emergency personnel that your room or area is secure, place the GREEN Card in the window next to the door. If you have no window or the door has no window, slide the GREEN Card under the door to notify emergency personnel. REMEMBER– Keep your door locked!
  • If you have an emergency in your room or area, use the RED Card to alert emergency personnel that you need assistance. REMEMBER– Keep your door locked!

The AHC Police Department and local police will conduct the required campus search and take appropriate police action.

The gravity of the situation will dictate the necessity to activate the Incident Command Center.

You will be notified either in person or via all-staff voicemail as to the status of the emergency. Check your voicemail often.