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Explosion, Aircraft Crash, or Similar Event

In the event a violent accident occurs on campus that could render a building or area unsafe, such as an explosion or aircraft crash, take the following actions:

  • Give the DROP! command.


  • Take cover immediately under tables, desks, or other such objects, which give protection against glass or debris.


  • Notify the AHC Police Department at ext. 3911 (Santa Maria) or ext. 5911 (Lompoc Valley Center)or dial 911, after effects of the explosion have subsided.
    From your cell phone, call Santa Maria Police Dispatch at 925-2631, or Lompoc Police Dispatch at 736-4511.
    Give your name; describe the specific location, e.g., west side of building “A” and nature of the emergency. Stay on the line with dispatcher until told to hang up.
  • Vacate the immediate area of the explosion.


  • Be aware of structural damage. Stay away from glass doors and windows. Do not touch or move any suspicious object.


  • Assist others, especially the injured and people with disabilities, in exiting the building.


  • You will be advised as to whether to vacate or to shelter-in-place.


  • Ensure that affected facilities have been fully vacated.


  • The Incident Command Center will be activated with key administrators under the direction of the AHC Police Department.


  • If you have been asked to vacate, do not return to a building until told to do so by the AHC police department or the administrator in charge.