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Duty Assignments


The Superintendent/President is responsible for the coordination and welfare of the campus population. He/she directs the staff in the implementation of emergency procedures and directs the assignment of duties as outlined.

Assignment of Duties

Every staff member has a responsibility for performing certain duties in times of emergency.  Specific assignments are outlined.

Directors, Public Safety/Chief of Police

Under the administrator in charge, a designated representative, will assume overall direction of disaster procedures. He/she, among other things, will do the following:

  1. Supervise the evacuation of student and college personnel when their safety is threatened by fire or other such peril.
  2. Supervise students and college personnel to be relocated to designated areas of safety within the school, when such action is deemed necessary.

Designated Plant Services staff

Designated Plant Services staff will be responsible for the use of emergency equipment, the handling of supplies, and the safe use of available utilities. As first responders they will do the following:

  1. Survey the area of responsibility and report damage to the Incident Command Center.
  2. Assist with rescue operations, as required.
  3. Assist with firefighting activities, if directed to do so.
  4. Assist in controlling main shut-off valves for gas, water and electricity.
  5. Disburse emergency equipment as needed.

Health Services staff

Health Services staff will administer first aid as needed. The Health Services nurse will coordinate a first aid triage with the registered nurse faculty of the college’s department of nursing, if necessary.


Faculty will be responsible for the direct supervision of their class and will do the following:

  1. Direct the evacuation of students to designated assembly areas, in accordance with warning signals, written notification, or orders from their supervisor.
  2. Report the names of any students who are unaccountably absent.
  3. Seek medical attention for injured students.


Secretaries will assist and provide for the safety of essential school records and documents. They will also operate telephones and act as messengers and carriers when directed.


Staff under the direction of their Dean/Director or Supervisor shall be responsible for securing their workstations and other duties as assigned.