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Chemical or Radiologic Release

Report immediately any campus release or potential release of a dangerous chemical or radiologic material.

  • Contact AHC Police Department, ext. 3911 (Santa Maria Campus), ext. 5911 (Lompoc Valley Center), and Plant Services, ext. 3225 (Santa Maria Campus), ext. 5225 (Lompoc Valley Center). 

  • From your cell phone call Santa Maria Police Dispatch 925-2631, or Lompoc Police Dispatch 736-4511. 

  • Be specific about the nature of the involved material and the specific campus location, e.g., West Side of building “A”, when reporting. AHC Police Department will contact the necessary specialized authorities and medical personnel. 

  • Vacate the affected area at once and seal it off to prevent further contamination of others. 

  • Avoid contact with others as much as possible if you or someone else is contaminated.
    Remain in the vicinity and give necessary information and names to AHC Police Department personnel.  

  • Exit the building by quickly walking to the nearest exit, alerting people as you go. Leave the elevators for people with disabilities and assist them as necessary, AND direct people with disabilities to elevator lobbies when they are located on floors above or below ground level until further direction by AHC Police Department personnel. Assist people with disabilities in exiting the building on ground level floors. 

  • FLASH the LIGHTS ON and OFF for deaf and hard of hearing people. 
  • Move to a clear area outside at least 150 feet upwind from the affected building. 
    Keep the walkways clear for emergency vehicles. 

  • Ensure affected facilities and/or occupancies have been fully vacated. 
  • If necessary, the Incident Command Center will be activated with key administrators under the direction of the AHC Police Department. 

  • If you have been asked to vacate, do not return to a building until told to do so by the AHC police department or the administrator in charge.

Special Instructions

Do not attempt to execute a rescue during a hazardous materials situation. Trained emergency personnel will respond to assist downed victims.